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[Note: From now one, the Endless Sky Saintess will be more often referred by her name Lin Yinping rather than her title.]

“If that’s the case, I would be honored to spar with Brother Xu. But right now?” Han Li looked at Ge Tianhao and the others and shook his head with a mysterious smile.

Grand Immortal Xu, the white-robed youth, maintained his calm and coldly said, “Oh? From Brother Han’s tone, you seem quite confident. I heard you killed a Yin Sifting Sect Elder at the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, is that true?”

When the Yin Sifting Sect Elders heard this, their expressions shifted.

Han Li pursed his lips, “What more is there to be said? I did kill a Yin Sifting Sect Elder in the Heavenly South. Could it be that that Fellow Daoist Xu plans to act on behalf of their sect?”

After staring at him for a while, Immortal Xu said, “Your abilities must’ve been unordinary to kill someone at the peak of your cultivation grade. If it weren’t for the vicious grievances between us, I would’ve wanted to befriend you. I heard you used a bizarre cauldron to seize the doppelganger of our holy beast and our legacy cauldron. So long as you hand over your cauldron to me, I am willing to mend the relationship between you and our temple. Of course, if you also agree to return the Ghost Sifting Banner, I am willing to resolve any grudges there as well. What do you think?”

“What are you doing, Brother Xu? He...”

Just as Lin Yinping was about to say something else, the white-robed youth waved his hand and interrupted her, “The Saintess doesn’t need to meddle in this. This is what I’ve decided!”

Ge Tianhao and his fellow elders glanced at each other in alarm and also kept silent.

When he heard them mention the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Han Li refused without a thought, “ I can’t even consider handing over my cauldron. You can go ahead and attack.”

“Since Fellow Daoist Han rejected my kindness, do not blame me for being merciless.” A trace of resignation appeared on Grand Immortal Xu’s face and he sullenly trembled his sleeve, suddenly producing a green jade scepter into his hand.

With a wave of the scepter, it brightly glowed with green light, and he resolutely glared at him.

Han Li formed a hand gesture in response and thunder suddenly rang out from his back, followed by the emergence of a pair of silver wings. Then with a flick of his wrist, a feather fan appeared in his hand, shining with gold, silver, and red light.

When faced against so many opponents, Han Li couldn't hold back and would have to use his most formidable treasure from the start.

Grand Immortal Xu almost immediately noticed the fan was unordinary. Its fearsome spiritual pressure alone caused his face to sink.

Ge Tianhao also saw that the fan was something grand and hastily said, “Fellow Daoist Xu, let’s attack simultaneously and capture him.”

Afterwards, he waved to his two fellow sect elders before waiting for a reply from Grand Immortal

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