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When Han Li heard the horned woman mention the tile, his face betrayed surprise.

It hadn’t looked particularly special when he acquired it and was skeptical of her words.

He slapped his waist and produced the tile in a crimson streak, circling once in the air before falling into his hand.

It was the size of a palm, shone intermittently with crimson light, and had a small circle of grey Qi on its surface.

Han Li quickly looked at it with his spiritual sense and his Brightsight Spirit Eyes. With a trace of happiness on his face, he raised his arm and struck it with azure light.

Suddenly, the crimson light from the tile brightly glowed, and the circle of grey Qi disappeared to be replaced with an image of a black-white spirit tortoise.

After staring at the wood tile for a long while, the blue light in his eyes faded away and he raised his head, calmly saying, “So you were a Vast Cliff Tortoise? It is no wonder you were able to endure the Greatnorth Essence Lights for so long.”

In fear that a misunderstanding could occur, the horned woman hastily explained, “Fellow Daoist should know my words are true. My lifesoul tile was something that the Three Kunwu Masters had personally refined. There should no longer be anyone in the world that is capable of creating such a high-grade life tile. So long as it’s in your possession, my life is in your control.”

“That’s true, but it also depends on who is the owner of this tile. If anyone under Nascent Soul-stage wished to refine this and have you become their servant, their cultivation would be lacking and a backlash.”

“...What? Does Fellow Daoist still feel ill at ease even with the tile in your possession?” The horned woman’s expression grimaced unsightly.

“Of course I am! Even if I refine the tile, I will only be able to temporarily control you. If you were to risk everything, it’s possible for you to momentarily break free of control and betray me. I have no interest always being on edge. What use would I have in sparing you?” His expression fell deeper with every word and the Yang ring above his head began to hum, causing the silver strings surrounding the woman to stir.

With a heart full of fright, she flusteredly shouted, “Fellow Daoist, if you still feel uneasy, I am willing to add a portion of my soul to the tile. If I truly harbor any malice, you would be able to immediately sense it.”

“Oh? That method will certainly do. Since you’ve said as much, go ahead,” He spoke indifferently.

She hesitated for a moment, but when she saw his stern expression, her heart tightened and she slapped the back of her head without any further reservation.

Black-white light flashed from the crown of her head and a crimson Nascent Soul appeared on top. It proceeded to open its mouth and spit out a fist-sized ball of green light.

While the woman grimaced in pain, the green light trembled before being split into uneven halves.

The larger half flew in a circle

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