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Red mist raged within the spacious hall, and a dozen pillars of flame stood within, each one with a scarlet dragon coiled around them. They all spouted streams of the red mist, completely enveloping a huge cauldron at the center.

The cauldron itself was twenty meters tall and appeared simply decorated. It was among the largest furnaces he had ever seen.

But what astonished Han Li was that the red mist scorched it red, completely erasing all trace of its original color. Even from a hundred meters away, he could feel its volcanic heat.

Ever since he entered the hall, his mouth grew as dry as sand and his skin felt as if it was being assailed by burning needles. If it weren’t for the protective light instantly forming a barrier around him, he would’ve suffered immensely.

However, this left him overjoyed. His gaze swept past the inferno to immediately focus on the cauldron.

It was completely still and let out pangs of thunder. From his tool refinement experience, he could tell it was in the process of refinement.

He now knew he wouldn’t be returning empty-handed.

Taking a shallow breath, Han Li nimbly slid through the streams and easily made his way towards the object.

Twenty meters away, he slowed his steps and slowly skirt around it, sensing its astonishing fire-attributed spiritual power.

Regardless of whatever was inside, it was certain to have gone through some unknown changes given the number of years it spent in refinement. He was quite curious, but didn’t intend on recklessly opening it.

After encircling it a dozen times, he began to pensively glance at other areas of the hall.

Given the innumerable years the pillars and cauldron had been active, there had to be an eternally active spell formation. So long as he located the controlling mechanisms and destroyed it, the flames should come to an end and allow him to take the treasure.

Because the restriction’s purpose was control over the hall, it wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

Paying further attention to the cauldron, he raised his hand, releasing a three-meter-long streak of gold at an unremarkable corner of the hall.

With a loud boom, the corner erupted in golden light and the pillars briefly wavered before their streams came to a halt.

When the light faded away, a three-meter-large hole came into view. A few formation plate fragments surrounded it and a small golden sword was lazily floating above.

Han Li smiled and waved his hand, retrieving the flying sword into his sleeve in a shriek.

Without replenishment from the pillars, the red mist gradually disappeared.

He didn’t immediately take notice of the huge cauldron and instead concentrated his attention on the ground. Blue light flashed from his eyes, and surprise on his face.

With the spell formation no longer in place, he noticed that a mass of red laid a hundred meters below. The entire hall was constructed over an immense pool of earth-fire. It was no wond

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