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With twopuffs, light flashed again a hundred meters away from the stone pavilion and a purple mist made an appearance.

A furious howl came from within.

With two more angry roars, the mist scattered to reveal a four-winged bird with a lion’s head.

It had a wingspan of twenty meters and purple light coiled around its body in a fearsome display.

“A Lion Hawk?” The eccentric shouted out in alarm upon seeing the beast’s true appearance.

The scholar’s expression changed and he shook his sleeve to release a red-black saber, fiercely chopping towards the beast.

In an odd display, the feral beast revealed fear upon seeing the saber and gaped open its mouth to spit out rings of purple light towards it.

A series of explosions erupted, and black-purple light shined as the flying saber cut through the dozen rings of light with unrelenting force, but with each destroyed ring, its light weakened. By the time the saber actually reached the beast, its light had greatly dimmed and was forcibly blocked by the few remaining rings. The beast rejoiced at the sight of this, and thought to employ more of its abilities to capture the saber.

But then, the scholar spat out a mist of blood essence and grasped his hands in an incantation gesture and pointed at it.

The blood essence instantly condensed crimson talisman characters before fading away from sight.

Simultaneously, the flying saber erupted in a similar light and destroyed all of the remaining rings, arriving in front of the demon beast just as it was about to cleave through it.

Alarmed, the beast quickly flapped its wings and shot backward, raising one of its claws to block the blow.

Green blood splattered through the air. The flying saber was blocked for a time, but it also began to cleave halfway through.

The demon beast suddenly raised its massive head and let out a world-shaking roar. This left them both dazed as if it shook the very heavens themselves.

An unimaginable scene followed.

Translucent golden ripples left the lion’s mouth and flowed towards the saber, sending it cascading through the air as if struck by an immense force.

The eccentric tried to assist the saber with his own yellow swordlights to little success. However, the further the ripples spread, the quicker they faded away.

After releasing those golden ripples, the demon beast seemed to tire.

It fiercely glared at the scholar and flapped its wings with a thunderous boom. Then its figure blurred before disappearing in a giant burst of lightning. In the following moment, it reappeared a hundred meters away.

However, it didn’t dare to stop there, and flew off into the distance in a streak of purple, quickly leaving line of sight.

When the eccentric saw this, he sighed and turned to look at the scholar who now had a pale complexion. He worryingly asked, “Young Third, are you alright? It already consumes a large amount of magic power to control the Black Blood Saber, bu

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