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When the horned woman heard the Silver-winged Nightfiend mention the restriction medallions, her expression turned and her voice grew harsh, “The spiritual Qi here is perfect. Why would I want to leave? Although I don’t know what is happening to the outside world, I doubt I will find a better place for cultivation there. I will stay here until I ascend to the next realm.”

The Silver-winged Nightfiend frowned, “Fellow Daoist Gui, you should know that the seal is already shattered. You won’t be able to continue cultivating here peacefully, and there is no need to tolerate what will happen. Furthermore, we do have a friendship of some sort, so how about we face this crisis together?”

The horned woman nodded with a more relaxed composure, “We do have some friendship. You were the refined corpse of a human, and those cultivators nurtured the Lion Hawk and I before sealing us in the Spirit Prison Formations.”

“Kunwu Hall has restrictions that are specially put in place to repel us and we aren’t normally capable of going near it. But now there are humans leading the way. So long as we quietly follow behind them, when the time comes, it will be easy for us to both acquire our restriction medallions and dispose of them.”

The horned woman’s heart stirred, but contrary to how to she felt, she snorted and coldly said, “You speak of it as if were as easy as that. There are many of them present, even some late-Nascent Soul cultivators. You even mentioned that there was a particularly troublesome cultivator who possessed a Divine Spirit Treasure. When the time comes, we might be putting our own head on the platter. I would loathe being imprisoned once more. Wouldn’t it be better to ignore those restriction medallions and sleep in the depths of the mountain’s spirit veins for a thousand years? By then, even if they acquired the medallions, they won’t be able to bother us.”

The nightfiend seemed to have lost his patience and sullenly said, “Don’t forget, Fellow Daoist Gui, I am quite skilled in earth movement techniques.”

The woman icily leered at the Silver-winged Nightfiend, “What do you mean?”

“It’s quite simple,” the nightfiend indifferently said, “If my restriction medallion is seized by the humans, they can ask me anything I know. Do you think that they will let go of the demon core of a grade-ten Vast Cliff Tortoise?”

The woman scowled in annoyance, “Fine, how about we hide together then?”

The nightfiend bluntly spoke, “I cannot forgo a great opportunity like this one I cannot stay on this damnable mountain. Without Yin Moon Essence, I will eternally be unable to evolve into a Gold-clad Lunar Corpse.”

The woman snorted and suddenly jumped a meter into the air, shouting, “Are you threatening me?!”

With a wave of his wings, he chuckled and coldly said, “I’m not threatening you. Fellow Daoist Gui needs to come to a decision. Don’t forget that you owe me a favor as well. Don’t you remember when the ancient cultivat

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