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When Bai Yaoyi and Old Man Fu heard Han Li’s name mentioned with the Heavenly South, they looked back at him with bewilderment.

Han Li, however, only had his attention on the five white silhouettes as he gloomily stared at them in silence.

He had personally killed a mid-Nascent Soul Yin Sifting Sect Elder and seized their sect’s signature treasure, the Ghost Sifting Banner, from himm. Using words to dispel hostilities was no longer an option. It also stood to mention that he intended on acquiring the method to dissolve the Soul Seal Curse placed on his Dao companion from the very start, something that only the Yin Sifting Sect Master and the sect’s grand elder would know.

Originally, he planned on attacking the sect master, but now had an unexpected encounter with the sect’s grand elder, and began to consider if it was possible to stake an all-out battle. After all, the two were the most important people in the Yin Sifting Sect. There would seldom be an opportunity where he could find them alone.

This grand elder should prove to be a more brutal opponent than the Silver-winged Nightfiend. The nightfiend hadn’t possess any compatible treasures and there were restrictions present on his body, but even that was enough to nearly kill Han Li. However, Han Li hadn’t used the fullest extent of his abilities at the time, abstaining from using Monarch Soul Divergence's grand puppet. In that case, there should be a chance of victory.

And even if the Unbroken Cinque Devils were as powerful as rumor had it, his Divine Devilbane Lightning should be quite effective in restraining it.

As these thoughts quickly flickered through his mind, the middle of the five figures suddenly raised its hand in an incantation gesture and its body glowed with grey, condensing the image of a grey-robed cultivator in front of it. This strange turn of events was entirely freakish.

A layer of faint grey Qi was obscuring the his face, but the color of his grey hair revealed him to be advanced in age.

Old Devil Qian’s true body had emerged.

In that moment, the three all grew vastly wary as they stared at him. They weren’t able to see through what he was thinking.

The old devil had remained silent during this and slapped a storage pouch at his waist, taking out a small pitch-black flag. He then waved it in their direction.

Old Man Fu’s expression vastly dropped at the sight of this, and he hurriedly summoned a treasure into his hand. Bai Yaoyi covered her body in an icy light, instantly forming a barrier. As for Han Li, he simply observed Old Devil Qian’s actions with a raised brow. His expression turned ever more gloomy as time went on.

“How odd... strange, indeed...” The flag blinked with black light and showed no other unusual signs. This caused him to speak with a surprised tone.

“Brother Qian, why have you taken out your Ghost Sifting Banner? Could it be you wish to start a war between our sects?” Although Old Man Fu was quite

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