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After the giant skeleton was damaged from the condensed Greatnorth Essence Light, white radiance lightly circulated throughout its body and mended the holes almost as fast.

Han Li frowned. It appeared he would have to deal with Old Devil Qian first.

While the huge skeleton appeared to be moving slowly, each step travelled a huge distance forward and it quickly arrived in front of Gui Ling.

With crimson light brimming in its hollow eyes, it held its hands towards its body and summoned two of its rib bones into them, creating three-meter-long sabers.

Then with a flip of the hands, an inky devil flame lit on each of them.

When Gui Ling saw this, she coldly snorted and stepped forward to strike the devil down with her axe.

Silver light flashed and filled the air with thunderous booms. The bone sabers immediately surged several times in size as they moved to block the axe in a cross, stopping it from cleaving down on its skull.

Gui Ling wasn’t very surprised by this, rather, a vicious intent soon lit up in her eyes, “Tiger, devour!”

Light flared from her weapon once more, and a giant beast’s head suddenly emerged from it, appearing to be that of a single-horned white tiger.

The beast gaped its mouth open and quickly lunged forward, biting down on the skeleton’s skull. It clearly devoured the head and the tiger immediately withdrew.

The silver axe not only had a fearsome blade, but an artifact spirit as well.

Gui Ling pressed the attack and spun the ax like a wheel of death as she slowly ground down the skeleton with cold light.

Torn apart from the immense force, bone fragments rained freely around them.

Soon into her assault, she stilled her axe and breathed out yellow flames onto the ground, intending on dealing the finishing blow to the cinque devils.

Contrary to the situation, however, Old Devil Qian’s alarm had disappeared when he saw that the horned woman planned on using demon flame to destroy his devils, he simply muttered an incantation and activated a devilish technique.

An icy wind immediately brushed past the raging yellow flames and restrained them.

Then, five crystalline black strings emerged from the yellow demon flames and shot out from them, leaving an explosion over thirty meters wide in its wake.

Several clouds of grey Qi burst forth from the ashes, soon fading away to reveal five flawless skeletons standing in place.

Gui Ling shouted out in alarm, “Intangible Devilform! Who would’ve thought that your incarnations have cultivated such an ability? Do you not have any fear of future backlash?”

“How could I worry over such a trivial thing? As if I’d give them the opportunity,” the old devil indifferently replied. Then with merely a thought, a devilish art was quickly activated.

The skeletons leapt forward and fused into their massive form once more. Following that, it immediately summoned the two bone sabers as it fiercely charged towards Gui Ling.


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