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Hua Tianqi quickly glanced at the Ye Clan Elders trapped in the Yin Qi before turning his eyes to the exit on the other end of the hall. With a resolute tone, he shouted, “Go!”

He flipped his hand, producing a small green flag. In a blur, a ball of emerald light immediately ruptured and swept the four up in its light before rushing them towards the other side of the hall.

“You dare?!” The large-headed eccentric furiously yelled when he saw this and immediately released countless yellow swordstreaks from his body, shredding the Yin Qi surrounding them in an attempt to break free.

After the eccentric’s party managed to escape, white light suddenly shined from the exit to reveal a dense wall of sparkling crystal.

Without another thought, he raised his hand and shot a ten-meter-long swordlight towards the wall. As a result, rainbow flashed and the swordlight was engulfed.

After examining it with shock, he cried out in fury, “An Elemental Sanctuary Wall!”

The old man astonishedly said, “Indeed. Isn’t this a signature treasure of the Buddhist Sanctuary Sect? How could it fall into their hands? Ah yes, it is said they have a relationship of some sort. After all, they are both great powers in the region.”

“The treasure is quite famous.” The Elder Devil frowned.

The eccentric stared at the wall with a pale complexion, “How troublesome. From how recklessly they acted, it appears there truly is a Divine Spirit Treasure at the bottom.”

The Elder Devil coldly laughed, “Brother Ye doesn’t need to be so anxious! It is good that they went down first. The treasure might not even be on the next floor and the monsters that are imprisoned there are sure to be even more deadly. They’re only asking for trouble to rush ahead. Let’s deal with the wall after we put this ghost monarch in order.”

After some thought, the eccentric relaxed and smiled, “Brother Han’s words are reasonable. I was too worried over the treasure!”

With that said, a cold glint flashed from his eye when he turned his attention to the ghost monarch suppressed by the silver pitchfork.

At the other side of the crystal wall, Hua Tianqi let out a long sigh. One of his fellow sect elders immediately grumbled, “Senior Martial Brother Hua, that was far too dangerous. Although the Elemental Sanctuary Wall will stall for some time, I fear we caused a great offense. How will we deal with them in the future?”

Hua Tianqi glanced at his fearful junior martial brother and sullenly said, “You still think that we can peacefully coexist with the Ye Clan? Ye Yuesheng feigned death in the past to escape execution from the ten great sects. Let alone offending them, now that we’ve encountered them, they will not leave us be. And since this treasure was the obsession of our sect founder, it can’t possibly be anything but a legendary Divine Spirit Treasure. What is there to fear with a bit of danger?”

Another sect elder fearfully asked, “If it truly is something as

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