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“Yi!The stele’s surface!” Before Han Li could clearly see what was happening, Old Man Fu suddenly pointed at the back of the cracking stone and shouted out in alarm.

Han Li raised his brow. If he remembered correctly, there should’ve been nothing behind it, but the old man wouldn’t act without a reason.

He promptly blurred before reappeared behind the stele, only to be stunned by what he saw.

From the shattered fragments, there was a bright blue crystal shining from a few deep cracks.

“Spirit stones?” Han Li blinked, not entirely sure of what he saw.

He suddenly flicked his fingers and over ten streaks of sword Qi weaved together, instantly covering the top half of the stone with azure light.

For a time, fragments tore off from the stele and filled their surroundings with a grey mist.

From the sharpness of his sword Qi, it took only a short moment before the blue light underneath was revealed.

Han Li withdrew the azure light with a flick of his finger, revealing a deep blue crystal slab.

The crystal was a meter tall and brimming with sparkling blue light. Although it wasn’t fully visible, it appeared to be long and flat.

The stone stele seemed to only be a thick shell surrounding it.

After gazing at it with bright eyes, Bai Yaoyi said with a certain tone, “It isn’t an ice-attribute spirit stone, nor does it contain any of ice spiritual Qi despite its appearance.”

“There is no doubt it isn’t a spirit stone. That isn’t something that can be refined into other objects, and there is even something inscribed on the surface.” Han Li looked at a portion of the bare crystal slab and saw ancient talisman characters roaming across.

With a sigh, he condensed the magic power in his body and reached out.

Suddenly, a hand of azure light appeared in front of the stele and grabbed the top before raising it out.

As he expected, it was extremely heavy, but he was now prepared and forcefully dragged it out from the stone by relying on brute magic power.

A blue sparkling crystal appeared before Han Li. Talisman characters roamed across its surface, faintly shining with a dim blue light.

When Han Li glanced at the words on its surface, his heart stirred, but he maintained a calm appearance as he grasped his hands in an incantation gesture and pointed at the crystal slab.

It began to tremble and massively shrunk to the size of a half-foot-long brick. Then in a gust of wind, it disappeared into his sleeve.

Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi were both curious about the crystal, but when they saw that Han Li had no intention of letting them look at it, they tactfully kept quiet. Instead, the two had a quick chat with him before deciding to head further up the mountain.

They had already recognized that the faint rumblings were coming from the top and concealed themselves once more as they traveled.

Of course, Han Li couldn't have known that the sounds were produced by the Ye Clan cultivators. Furt

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