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The Elder Devil calmly nodded, “I will strive my hardest for those devilish artifacts.”

“Good, then let the matters proceed. Everyone, follow me to the bottom of the lake. Although this area is remote, we should be careful in case a passing cultivator spots us and save any potential trouble.” with that said, the square-faced man shined with light and dived in.

One after another, the others followed suit.

In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared, leaving behind only ripples in the lake and a calm breeze.


Thousands of kilometers away, Han Li and company had encountered a bit of trouble.

Under Han Li’s mental command, a ball of yellow radiance shot out from his body and easily crushed an incoming horned Yin ghost. Then, golden light flared around him and cut through two other nearby wraiths, scattering their bodies into smoke.

He turned his gaze to Old Man Fu and the others. They were currently using their magic treasures to strike down other specters. Although these ghosts were small and slender, they were relentless and fierce.

Han Li appeared unhappy at the sight of this.

After Cultivator Yuan tore through a ghost with a flick of green flame, he said, “Brother Fu, we’ve been traveling for several days now, but we still haven’t found any trace of the Umbra Yin Horse. And while these low-grade ghosts are weak and feral, they impede our progress dealing with them.” Han Li shared these same sentiments.

Old Man Fu replied, “There is no need to be so anxious, Brother Yuan. The cave is large and the horse is very skilled in concealment. As for these ghosts, they are destroyed with little effort. So long as you occasionally replenish your magic power with spirit stones, we’ll be able to last for quite a while.”

Bai Yaoyi glanced around her and sighed, “While that is true, blocking the soul-shaking Yin winds already consumes a significant amount of magic power. With our current cultivation, we’ll be able only to hold out for two months more."

They were currently in a huge passage that was a hundred meters tall. The walls twinkled with freezing inky ice, and black winds far denser than at the entrance continuously spun nearby. Their wails were enough to inspire trepidation.

But when the winds entered the range of the Dark Violet Pearl’s ring of light, they greatly weakened. Even so, Han Li and company maintained a blinding light all over their bodies, not daring to allow the winds to make the slightest contact.

Hordes of small ghosts unceasingly manifest from the accumulated Yin Qi and charge towards them like moths to the flame.

In a glint of cold light, the last of the current wave of ghosts was cleaved through by Bai Yaoyi’s flying saber, clearing the way for the time being. Then, their magic treasures were recalled to their side as they floated forward.

The storm of Yin winds inside the cave prevented their spiritual sense from looking afar, and without sight, they didn’t dare to

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