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Just as an overwhelming sight bloomed in front of Han Li, the vajra barrier within his body suddenly began to pulse in size.

In his alarm, he hastily concentrated his magic power to the barrier and suppressed it. He then took a deep glance at the lotuses in the distance before beating his wings and disappearing from sight.

In the next moment, he reappeared at the edge of the Greatnorth Essence Light and flew in as an azure streak.

In his eyes, stealthily running away was the wiser action with the sudden appearance of this immensely powerful jade ruler, whose might was no lesser than the Triflame Fan, even if its abilities were inclined to illusions and restriction. It was most likely a Divine Spirit Treasure replica of some kind and since he already managed to acquire two treasures, why should he put himself at greater risk?

Although he felt vengeful towards the ruler’s master for her initial ambush, now was not the time to settle debts. After all, Old Devil Qian and the Nightfiend wouldn’t prove easy opponents. No matter his confidence in his powers, his life would be at risk if he were attacked by them all at once.

The beautiful woman stowed inside the huge gold-silver shuttle clasped her hands in an incantation gesture and controlled the white jade ruler with a strained expression. Although she saw that Han Li had withdrawn, she was too busy to pay him any heed. After all, he hadn’t taken away the vital Dragon Call Crest.

Lady Mu saw her junior martial sister trap Old Devil Qian and the others in the huge rainbow lotus. After hatefully glancing in the direction Han Li had escaped, she entered the illusion.

Due to her junior’s control, she was free from any influence of its power, and easily grabbed ahold of the Dragon Call Crest.

But when she reached out for the small purple sword next to it, the Buddhist light flashed and a portion of the lotus above her began to collapse. Old Devil Qian and the two demons were able to escape the restriction and reappeared to glare at Lady Mu with an ominous gaze.

The magic power of her junior martial sister had been exhausted and the Four Skies Ruler lost effect.

The woman paled.


Not long after Han Li charged back through the Greatnorth Essence Light, he ran into the horned woman - the human form of the Vast Cliff Tortoise.

She was clad in a strange green armor that seemed to completely repel the silver strings. But strangely enough, the horned woman walked slowly as if she were incapable of any movement techniques.

It was no wonder the other two had left her behind and arrived in the hall first.

When Han Li appeared before the demon, the horned woman glanced at him and paused in surprise. Then with a wary expression, she held a pitch-black rod in front of her and began to prudently observe him.

Maintaining a calm expression, Han Li promptly flew to the side and walked around her.

There was no grudge between them to the best of his kno

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