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When he returned to the cave, he found Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi meditating.

Han Li had no intention of bothering them. Rather, he paused momentarily before slapping his storage pouch, taking out a pile of formation flags and plates, and tossing them into the air.

Multi-colored light enveloped the entire cavern. It was a simple spell formation that had the effects of concealment and detection, allowing an early warning if anybody were to trespass.

The other two turned a blind eye to Han Li’s actions and remained still in place.

Han Li smiled when he saw this and sat down cross-legged at a corner of the cave before joining them in meditation.

Over the span of a day, Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi gradually restored their magic power and arose shortly after.

When the two stood up, Han Li’s face stirred and he opened his eyes, asking, “Fellow Daoists, have you recovered your strength?”

Bai Yaoyi sweetly smiled and replied, “Many thanks for your protection, Brother Han. We have just about restored our magic power.”

Old Man Fu looked at the center of the huge teleportation formation and asked, “Has Brother Han already gone outside to see where we are?”

Han Li calmly answered, “Yes, but I’m not sure. We are in the depths of a giant mountain and are surrounded by a gargantuan restriction.”

Old Man Fu’s eyes lit up and he confidently said, “Since Brother Han is an overseas cultivator, he wouldn’t be too familiar with the famous features of the mainland. I might be able to recognize where we are.”

Han Li chuckled and casually replied, “Oh, is that so? In that case, please ahead and take a look.”

When Bai Yaoyi heard this, her eyes lit up. “From Brother Han’s tone, there seems to be something peculiar about the mountain. Shall I take a look too?”

Han Li nodded indifferently.

As he possessed abilities far greater than the other two, it was only natural that he became their leader.

As a result, they exchanged a glance before flying out from the cave in streaks.

Han Li remained sitting down but flipped his hand to summon the tracking formation plate.

When he looked at it, he could clearly see a white and a black dot.

He narrowed his eyes and continued to watch in silence. Not long after, he raised his brow and put it away in a flash of light.

Following that, light glowed from the stairs and the two cultivators made a return. However, the two now wore an unsightly expression.

“Well, did you discover anything?” Han Li asked with a mysterious smile. Although he wasn’t familiar with the Great Jin, he would know if there was a spiritual mountain as large as what he had seen.

Old Man Fu wryly smiled, “Brother Han, now is not the time for jokes. I’ve never even heard of a mountain that large. We are no longer certain that we’re in the Great Jin.” With that said, his face revealed a trace of worry.

Bai Yaoyi tightly frowned. “That’s right, if this huge mountain was located in the Great

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