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The wooden ruler floating above the silver box was covered it in a barrier of green light. Then in a flash, the light completely faded away.

Strangely enough, there was a man standing motionlessly over thirty meters away.

He wore blue robes, a red headscarf, and had green lines shining from his face. It was the illustrious Grand Elder of the Sacred Poison Sect, Hua Tianqi.

However, his eyes were closed and expression stiff. Blood leaked from his every orifice. Were it not for the faint movements of his chest, he would’ve been mistaken for dead.

As for his other sect members, they were nowhere in sight.

However, the sounds of a faint explosion could be heard in the distance as if someone was trapped by a restriction.

In the other space, the purple light that shone from the black wolf head’s eyes had disappeared, and a woman’s sweet voice rang out, the very same one that had spoken on the day Xiang Zhili was trapped, but this time with a hint of iciness and much more crude, “Bloodflame, it was you. I believed you to have already returned. I didn’t expect you to remain in this world.”

The Elder Devil respectfully replied, “I pay my respects, Senior. I had taken action too late in the past and had nearly been destroyed. Were it not for my understanding of the passageway between the holy and the mortal realm, and their intent to draw out my soul and interrogate me, I wouldn’t have lived until now.”

The wolf head remained indifferent when it heard this and nodded, “Oh, your luck is quite good then. The passage through that Spirit Ether Garden’s spatial tear we used had already been destroyed by the time we wished to return and we had no way back.”

The large-headed eccentric calmly listened from the side, inwardly surprised at the lack of any devilish characteristics from the feminine voice. ‘This is the Elder Devil that nearly exterminated the ancient cultivators in the past?’

The head then lowered to the black chains binding it and said, “Since you’ve come here, you should have a plan. But I must first warn you that rescuing me will not be so trivial. Your cultivation will not be enough to destroy even the Heavenly Star Chains binding me. It is a treasure passed down from the spirit realm specifically meant to deal with our kind.”

“Be at ease, Sacred Ancestor! I’ve made full preparations before coming. Not only will Fellow Daoist Ye be assisting us, but I’ve gathered many devilish artifacts to assist.”

The black wolf shook its head, “You might be able to break through the chains, but even so, I cannot have you immediately take action.”

“Why is that?” The Elder Devil betrayed surprise from his face, eyes brimming with purple and red light. The eccentric was also surprised.

The head sighed, “It’s quite simple, the star chains aren’t the most powerful restriction here. Take a look at where you’re standing.”

“Where... are standing?” The Elder Devil and the eccentric bewilderedly turned their at

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