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When they saw Old Devil Qian take off, the four vagrant cultivators betrayed shock from their faces and began to apprehensively whisper amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, Han Li heard Old Man Fu’s voice transmission, “It seems our alliance is now broken. What does Brother Han plan on doing?”

Han Li glanced at the old man and muttered to himself for a moment before sending back a reply, “There are many paths ahead, and I plan on going alone. So long as you don’t take any of the locations with particularly impressive names, there shouldn’t be any danger of meeting the others.”

After a moment of silence, the old man wryly smiled, “I see. However, I wouldn’t dare to go alone and will be travelling with Fellow Daoist Bai. I have no hope of surviving an ambush against the Silver-winged Nightfiend or the Lion Hawk.”

Old Man Fu had no complaints. After all, with so many searching for treasure, there wouldn’t be enough for those who took the same path.

As Han Li’s abilities were far beyond theirs, it was better for him to act alone.

As they deliberated on what to do, the large man from the vagrant cultivator called out from the side and shouted, “Fellow Daoist’s! We’re going first.” The four vagrants split in two and traveled up different stairways before fading into the fog.

Soon, Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi finished discussions and bid Han Li a word of farewell. The two then picked a stone stairway and sped up it with body lightening techniques.

Han Li was now the sole person remaining behind.

After looking around and observing the vast emptiness, he smirked and swept his eyes towards the stone tablets.

Apart from the areas with important names such as the Devil Suppressing Pagoda and Kunwu Hall, the other paths shouldn’t have been chosen.

He stood in front of the stone tablet naming the locations each stairway led and muttered, “Bright Mind Pavilion, Fortune Cloud Hall, Jadehook Pond... and Spirit Metal Hall.Hmm,are all these locations related to tool refinement?”

Although he knew that Kunwu Hall and Spirit Treasure Pavilion wereas likely to have important treasures, he wasn’t interested in risking his life in contention with other powers.

Since he’s already acquired the Nascent Cultivating Pill, it’d be best to take the safest route.

With that in mind, he felt that the Spirit Metal Hall should most likely be left alone and blurred up the stone steps at the very back.

Not long after he disappeared, yellow light glowed from the center of the plaza to reveal the Silver-winged Nightfiend, the horned woman, and the Lion Hawk.

The Nightfiend turned to look at the stairways and slowly said, “We can only use earth movement techniques up to here. We will activate the underground restrictions otherwise.”

With her arms at her waist, the horned woman noted, “The remaining spiritual Qi fluctuations here are quite strong. It appears those cultivators had recently destroyed a spell formation.”


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