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The large-headed eccentric promptly led his group of three, including the disguised Elder Devil, towards the steps of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda.

The square-faced middle-aged cultivator saluted the scholar before equipping the Overflowing Sky Bracelet. Then, with a blur, he rushed up the centermost steps towards Kunwu Hall.

The scholar didn’t immediately depart. Instead, he waited until both the eccentric and the square-faced cultivator faded away into the white mist, then turned to an old man at his side, “Esteemed Nephew Feng, do we still have any formation tools leftover?”

The old man respectfully replied, “As per your orders, I’ve placed down a spell formation at every restriction we’ve broken. The only one left is the Sevenstar Myrtle Formation that we purchased for tens of thousands of spirit stones.”

The scholar commanded, “Place it here, and release the two Vampiric Bats and the swarm of Tiger Wasps into it.”

“Yes!” The old man slapped his storage pouch and took out a set of purple formation flags before walking to the side of the plaza.

The scholar then turned to look at the mountain down below. His expression softly wavered as he silently pondered.

Two hours later, they also entered.


Far below the mountain, Han Li’s party had finally arrived at the Myriad Cultivate Gate. The Ye Clan had placed a profound illusion there, powerful enough to trap Core Formation cultivators for several days at the very least. But when faced against a large number of Nascent Soul cultivators, it was easily disposed off in only a short amount of time.

When they clearly saw the huge decorated archway of the Myriad Cultivator Gate, all their doubts about Kunwu Mountain were dispelled and they grew greatly excited.

The ragtag party of cultivators then hastily made their way up the mountain.

As a result, they now encountered the other restrictions the Ye Clan had placed behind them. This hadn’t discouraged them, but only drove them forward.

But it was clear to see that with each restriction encountered, they grew ever more powerful. Although the party all possessed great cultivation, they resorted to brute force to break each one and became more delayed.

An entire day passed before they arrived at the huge stone hall with the many puppets.

Hua Tianqi glanced at the building with a solemn expression, “Fellow Daoists, be careful. I fear it will be troublesome if there are any restrictions present. The party of cultivators ahead of us must be quite wealthy to be in possession of so many sets of formation tools. It’s likely that they either belong to one of the ten great clans or are a faction of equivalent strength.”

Old Devil Qian coldly snorted and said, “None of those ten are capable of fielding this many high-grade restrictions, especially the Absolute Ice-Fire Formation. I am truly curious about the identity of those ahead of us.”

With a confident tone, Hua Tianqi proclaimed, “In any ca

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