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Meanwhile, the immortal zoysia was appraising the white rabbit with a gentle look in its eyes. It suddenly stepped forward and made a grabbing motion, upon which a swath of purple light surged forth from its hand, sweeping up both the rabbit and the root that it was eating and drawing them toward it.

The white rabbit continued to nibble on its root within the purple light, as if hadn't noticed that anything was amiss.

The immortal zoysia stared at the white rabbit for a while before extending a hand into the purple light to try and stroke it.

However, before its fingers could make contact with the rabbit's furry body, the latter vanished through the air amid a flash of spiritual light, leaving a trail of afterimages in its wake.

In the next instant, the white rabbit appeared on the ground again, and it had risen up on its hind legs. At the same time, its snowy-white fur also stood up on end, and it bared its little teeth at the immortal zoysia in what it presumably thought to be a menacing display.

It was quite clear that the immortal zoysia's actions had rubbed the rabbit the wrong way.

However, the immortal zoysia merely smiled in response, and its aura suddenly changed as the light emanating from its body changed from purple to a vibrant green color.

A burst of rich wood-attribute spiritual Qi radiated from its body, and after coming into contact with this spiritual Qi, the white rabbit suddenly faltered in its menacing display. After taking a whiff of the air around it with its little pink nose, its expression eased significantly, and there even seemed to be a hint of affection in its eyes as it cast its gaze toward the immortal zoysia again.

"Come here, little guy." The immortal zoysia clapped its hands together before opening its arms in an inviting manner.

The white rabbit seemed to be able to comprehend what the immortal zoysia was saying, and after a brief hesitation, it really did jump into the immortal zoysia's arms.

The immortal zoysia was elated, and began carefully stroking the white rabbit's head.

The white rabbit's eyes narrowed with enjoyment in response, and it stuck out its little red tongue to lick the immortal zoysia's fingers.

As the immortal zoysia stroked the rabbit's head, it turned to Han Li with a serious look on its face, and said, "This is splendid! Looks like it's not far away from attaining intelligence. Fellow Daoist Han, seeing as this brethren of mine is able to move around so freely in your medicine garden, it's quite apparent to me that you're taking great care of it. In that case, you wouldn't mind if I assisted it in attaining intelligence and taught it some things, would you?"

"You can help it attain intelligence?" Han Li was rather surprised to hear this.

"Indeed. I am a spirit medicine that has attained intelligence, and there are some abilities and cultivation arts that I've mastered that can only be inherited by my brethren. If it could learn ever

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