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As such, Han Li found himself completely exposed before over 100 mid-grade and high-grade devilish beasts, and his expression instantly changed drastically.

He didn't know what kind of secret technique this colorful light was, but it had to be quite extraordinary to have been able to nullify the effect of his invisibility talisman. Furthermore, how did that devilish beast even know that he was nearby?

However, before Han Li could ponder this issue any further, an even more unexpected event took place.

In the instant that his cover was blown, azure light flashed from several hundred feet away, following which another familiar slender figure also emerged out of thin air.

He focused his gaze in that direction to find that it was Xian Xian.

She had also been using some kind of profound concealment technique that had even managed to fool his Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

However, as she was exposed to all of these devilish beasts, her expression also changed drastically.

Han Li was extremely shocked by this development, and he immediately made a hand seal as a loud thunderclap erupted behind him, following which a pair of translucent wings appeared on his back.

Xian Xian also managed to quickly recompose herself before opening her mouth to expel a shimmering silver talisman.

Immediately thereafter, thunderous roars erupted from all directions as black devilish Qi erupted into the heavens before converging toward the center.

Over 100 mid-grade and high-grade devilish beasts had sprung into action at once, and their collective attack was naturally extremely powerful, so much so that even Body Integration Stage beings definitely wouldn't want to be struck by such a fierce assault.

Han Li drew in a sharp breath before flapping his wings, and his body shot forth as an azure and white thread before vanishing into thin air.

Meanwhile, Xian Xian plastered the silver talisman she'd just summoned onto her body, and she also abruptly disappeared amid a flash of silver light.

The devilish Qi came crashing down from all sides, and in the next instant, an azure and white thread reappeared.

Immediately thereafter, Han Li emerged in front of the exit that was over 1,000 feet away, and he cast a final glance at the small five-colored beast before disappearing into the exit.

After that, Xian Xian also reappeared in front of the exit amid another flash of silver light. She turned to the devilish beasts behind her with a dainty smile before vanishing into the exit as well.

The black Qi in the air above dispersed, and over 100 devilish beasts appeared, all of which were staring at one another.

A streak of five-colored light flashed, and the five-colored beast appeared before all of its companions with a dark expression on its face. "We let them get away."

"It's all our fault for being so useless!" the boar-like devilish beast grumbled in a frustrated manner.

Expressions of frustration and shame also

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