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Moments later, the Dark Beast Monarch turned to one of the Three-eyed Dark Beasts behind it, and let loose a string of furious snarls.

The Three-eyed Dark Beast immediately responded with a few roars of its own before taking a few steps backward in a respectful manner. After that, it turned around and rushed back the way they'd come, quickly vanishing into the darkness.

The Dark Beast Monarch turned around and continued onward upon seeing this.

In its eyes, outsiders who were infiltrating their Dark Beast Forest were naturally quite abhorrent, but they paled in significance compared to the target that it was currently pursuing.

As such, even though it had sensed the deaths of the silver-eyed Dark Beasts it had deployed earlier, it had no intention of turning back, and merely deployed one of its subordinates to carry out its orders.

The other Three-eyed Dark Beasts naturally followed along closely behind the golden Dark Beast.

A loud rustling sound could be heard throughout the nearby forest, and it was quite clear that there was a vast beast pack accompanying this Dark Beast Monarch.

However, if one were to listen carefully, they'd discover that some of this rustling sound was gradually fading away, seemingly indicating that many of the Dark Beasts had detached themselves from the beast pack and were traveling away in the opposite direction...

Han Li hovered in mid-air with his arms crossed. Down below him, the giant dark beast had already been sliced in half, and the two halves of its carcass were disintegrating into specks of black light.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun were both staring blankly at Han Li. Even though they were doing their best to maintain calm expressions, there was a hint of fear in both of their eyes.

Due to the fact that the battlefield had been too chaotic as a result of the countless explosions taking place, and the incredible speed of Han Li's movements, they weren't able to see how he had taken care of this giant beast.

All they could see was that a dazzling streak of golden light had swept forth, following which both the beast and the black protective light barrier around it were instantly sliced in half without being able to offer any resistance.

This giant beast's aura was comparable to that of a holy race being, yet it had been slain by Han Li in an instant. That was downright astonishing!

Furthermore, in the instant that the streak of golden light had appeared, both Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er could sense that the world's origin Qi in the nearby area had been drawn violently to the golden light, as if by some kind of immense power. After that, this enormous power vanished right after the golden light disappeared.

Being able to draw upon the world's origin Qi naturally wasn't a feat that was worthy of incredulity. However, for beings like them, drawing upon the world's origin Qi was something that they could only just barely accomplish after making hand seals and chantin

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