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She raised a hand as she spoke, drawing the jade box into her grasp before it then vanished in a flash.

Han Li smiled upon seeing this and began to discuss some matters revolving around cultivation with Cai Liuying, seemingly completely disinterested in finding out the purpose for her visit.

Cai Liuying smiled upon seeing this and also discussed some inconsequential topics with Han Li.

Thus, two full hours passed by, yet the two of them were still engaged in a spirited conversation, looking as if they could chat for another two hours.

However, the woman wearing the white hood was starting to become quite impatient. She was casting her gaze between Han Li and Cai Liuying incessantly and growing rather fidgety.

Cai Liuying's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, but a smile then quickly reappeared on her face as she said, "Fellow Daoist Han, it's only been a few years since I last saw you, but you've become a lot more patient since then. Even after this long, you still haven't asked me about the purpose of my visit; could it be that you cultivated some kind of special secret technique or experienced a spike in your cultivation base recently?"

"Surely you jest, Senior; I have no patience to speak of. It's just that I naturally wouldn't dare to ask the purpose of your visit before you decide to tell me," Han Li replied in a respectful manner.

"Looks like I was mistaken then. However, I trust you've already guessed the reason why I've come here today," Cai Liuying said with a nonchalant smile.

"Er... I do indeed have a hunch that your visit has something to do with the Vast Glacial Realm, Senior," Han Li replied in a truthful manner.

"Hehe, as expected, you've hit the nail right on the head, Fellow Daoist Han. This is indeed why I've paid you a visit with my disciple in accompaniment, and I'm sure that Fellow Daoist Duan will also come to visit you with someone else soon," Cai Liuying chuckled in response.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this, and he cast his gaze toward the hooded woman with a hint of surprise in his eyes. "In that case, could it be that your disciple is..."

"That's right, this disciple of mine is one of the beings who possess an Essencefused Body that we were talking about last time," Cai Liuying confirmed.

"If I recall correctly, didn't you say that this person should be a guest member of your race? How has she suddenly become your disciple?" Han Li asked in a surprised manner.

"What's so strange about that? I told you earlier that this is a new disciple of mine," Cai Liuying replied with a smile.

"I see. Apologies for my foolishness," Han Li said with a wry smile.

"Do you think I only accepted this disciple due to the matter surrounding the Vast Glacial Realm?" Cail Liuying suddenly asked with a meaningful look in her eyes.

"I wouldn't dare to think that." Han Li's expression abruptly changed slightly upon hearing this.

"It's alright even if you do thi

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