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This silver-armored being was naturally none other than the man with the Gui surname.

Perhaps it was simply a coincidence, but the route it had taken just so happened to intersect at this point with the one that Han Li was taking.

Upon seeing the bewildered look on the horned devilish beast's face, the silver-armored man's brows furrowed slightly, and he hurriedly turned back, just in time to see Han Li and Xian Xian emerge from the sea of mist behind him.

The silver-armored being faltered slightly before an elated look appeared on his face.

He had seemed to be quite calm and collected earlier, but he was actually feeling quite anxious internally.

After parting with Han Li and Xian Xian, he had traveled without pause toward the exit of the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges, yet he had still been intercepted by so many devilish beasts, so he was naturally quite stunned and enraged.

Most of these beasts were mid-grade devilish beasts, but there were over 30 high-grade devilish beasts among them, and the humanoid horned devilish possessed a similar cultivation base to his.

He was rather conceited, but even he knew that a battle here would spell certain death for him.

His only hope was to delay these devilish beasts somehow, then escape as quickly as he could.

However, he then caught sight of the seven or eight high-grade winged devilish beasts among the beast pack up ahead, and he was growing quite hesitant again.

It was quite clear that those devilish beasts had to be extremely fast. If there were only two or three of them, he could try and throw them off his trail somehow, but if that many of them were to mob him at once, then he was still dead for sure.

However, Han Li's arrival instantly alleviated the pressure on his shoulder's significantly, increasing his chances of survival, which were less objectively less than 10%, by several tens of percentage points.

As such, the silver-armored being was naturally ecstatic.

Xian Xian's face had paled considerably upon witnessing this situation, while Han Li was slightly more composed, but he was also contemplating something with a grave expression on his face.

There were many devilish beasts up ahead, but all of them had already attained intelligence. As such, even though they were appraising the three beings before them with animosity in their eyes, they weren't screeching and howling like a pack of mindless beasts. Thus, a peculiar silence ensued.

However, in the next instant, the silence was suddenly shattered by a burst of hearty laughter.

"Haha, it's you! You're the one who killed the young master! If I can kill you or capture you alive, Master will reward me handsomely! Kill them! Kill the other two and try to capture that one alive!" Wu Qi suddenly threw his head back and chortled with glee at the sight of Han Li before issuing an order in a menacing manner.

The devilish beasts behind him were all itching for action, and upon hearing

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