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The three devils could tell that she'd already made up her mind, but they still begged her to reconsider.

"There's nothing to reconsider here. If I don't make this trip, my injuries will never be fully healed, and if my enemies from the holy realm pursue me all the way to this realm, I'll be completely powerless to resist. On top of that, I'll also be assigning duties to you here, so you won't be able to slack off, either," the woman said with a decisive shake of her head.

"Please give us any orders you may have, Sacred Ancestor," Duo Yan hurriedly urged in a respectful manner.

The other two devils also stirred upon hearing this.

"During my slumber, has the inter-realm passageway leading to the holy realm been opened again?" the woman suddenly asked.

"Nothing had happened to the passageway for many years, but not long ago, we've begun detecting faint fluctuations from the other side. The fluctuations are very slight, but it seems that the beings of the holy realm are trying something again," Duo Yan replied in a truthful manner.

Both Tie Mo and Xue Bi also adopted solemn expressions upon hearing this.

"I see. Come to think of it, they should've had enough time to recover already, so it only makes sense that they're making a move now. I'm going to leave you three with a method to set up a massive spell formation that can temporarily bolster the power of the boundary between realms by around twofold. As such, it'll become quite a difficult task for the beings on the other side to open up the passageway again. However, creating this formation will require a vast amount of labor and resources, so the three of you will have to supervise the process in order to construct the formation as quickly as possible. During my absence, you can focus on this task," the woman said in a calm voice.

"Yes, Sacred Ancestor!" the three devils replied in unison.

A thought the suddenly seemed to have occurred to the woman, and she asked, "Oh, by the way, has anything urgent happened during my slumber?"

After exchanging a glance with his two companions, Tie Mo replied, "There have been some noteworthy things that have happened in these mountain ranges during these past years, but most of them aren't worthy of being brought to your attention, Sacred Ancestor. However, there are two things that I must inform you of."

"Oh? Go on, then," the woman urged.

After a brief hesitation, Tie Mo finally mustered up his courage, and said, "Prior to you entering your slumber, you gave us a segment of the damaged Profound Heavenly Fortune Blade for us to look after, but it was stolen by a holy-grade devilish ape that then escaped from the mountain ranges, so we don't know where the blade segment is now."

"A segment of the Fortune Blade was stolen? Who is this devilish ape and how did it appear in these mountain ranges?" A hint of coldness crept into the woman's gentle voice.

"That devilish ape is most likely one of our pursuers t

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