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Liu Shui'er brows furrowed upon hearing this, and after a long internal conflict, she finally heaved a faint sigh and agreed to this suggestion.

However, they hadn't parted with those two Sea Monarch beings for very long, so they naturally couldn't just begin meditating on the spot.

Otherwise, if those two were to change their minds or draw some powerful beasts or foreign beings to Han Li's trio, they would be placed in a perilous situation.

Thus, Han Li's trio continued onward for about half a day before finally catching sight of a small azure mountain with abundant spiritual Qi.

As a safety precaution, all three of them naturally scanned their spiritual sense toward the mountain several times, and the result of their inspection was quite a positive one.

The mountain wasn't very tall, and there was a bunch of grey-furred beasts residing on it, but all of them were very weak, and even the most powerful ones among them were only at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

As such, the three of them were able to descend onto the mountain and kill all of these beasts with ease.

The cave that these beasts had been residing in was an ideal cultivation venue as well. The spiritual Qi there was very rich, and although it stank a little, that slight problem was resolved after Liu Shui'er unleashed one of her water-attribute abilities to cleanse the cave.

Thus, the three of them took over the cave and began to meditate in there.

Three days passed by in a flash.

At this point, Han Li had completed a full cycle of Qi circulation, and he seemed to have sensed something as he slowly opened his eyes, casting his gaze toward Liu Shui'er, who just so happened to also open her eyes at that exact moment. Thus, their eyes met, and from the exuberant light shimmering within her pupils, Han Li could tell that she'd clearly recovered all of her magic power.

"Congratulations on making a full recovery," Han Li said with a calm smile.

In response, Liu Shui'er heaved a forlorn sigh. "I feel very embarrassed to be such a burden to you, Brother Han."

"Hehe, that's certainly not the case, Fairy Liu. If it weren't for the fact that you'd held off four silver-eyed Dark Beasts on your own back in the Dark Beast Forest, how would Fellow Daoist Shi and I have managed to escape?" Han Li replied with a faint smile.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun had also opened his eyes, and he burst into laughter upon hearing this. "Haha, I'll have to disagree with you on that one, Brother Han. With the unfathomable abilities that you've displayed, even if you couldn't kill all of those Dark Beasts on your own, you were definitely powerful enough to escape from them. It's already a vastly fortunate outcome for Fairy Liu and myself that we were able to escape from the Dark Beast Forest with nothing more than some magic power expenditure."

"You two are far too kind. I do indeed possess some powerful abilities, but all of them are only good for a single at

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