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The giant beast's third eyes were blasting forth beams of silver light without pause, creating a relentless barrage of attacks that resembled a torrential downpour.

Liu Shui'er was evading the silver beams of light with all her might, and she'd clearly unleashed her most powerful abilities and treasures in the process.

Aside from that set of short silver spears, she'd also summoned a set of small white flags, as well as a small golden drum.

The white flags transformed into balls of white light, within which runes were surging incessantly, creating quite a mysterious sight to behold.

Meanwhile, the small golden drum was rapidly rotating on the spot, sending waves of golden light hurtling toward the giant beast with devastating force.

As for Liu Shui'er herself, aside from the myriad arm projection behind her, she'd also conjured up a series of blue lotus flowers all over her body, all of which were translucent and extremely beautiful.

Not only did they present a vibrant sight to behold, these lotus flowers were all very powerful as well.

Upon striking the lotus flowers, the silver beams of light that occasionally penetrated through all of Liu Shui'er's other defenses would vanish along with the lotus flowers themselves amid loud explosions.

However, it was quite clear that unleashing these ice lotus flowers was extremely taxing to her, and every time a new one appeared over her body, her face would immediately pale slightly.

During this short period of time, she'd already summoned over 100 of these flowers, and it was quite clear that she wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer.

In fact, she was only choosing to persist as Han Li had arrived. Otherwise, she would've fled for her life as soon as those four silver-eyed Dark Beasts combined as one.

Upon witnessing Han Li and Shi Kun's timely arrival, Liu Shui'er was ecstatic, and she hurriedly yelled, "Fellow Daoists, this giant beast is truly powerful; we have to unleash our combination secret technique right away!"

Han Li was just about to attack the giant beast, and he faltered momentarily upon hearing this before immediately nodding in response. Thus, he made a hand seal with his inky-black hand, and grey light erupted into the heavens from behind him, forming a vast light barrier.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun also let loose a low cry following a brief hesitation, and the spiritual light around his body abruptly turned pitch-black in color as he spread apart the fingers of his hands, sending countless threads of grey light hurtling through the air.

At the same time, Liu Shui'er also switched to another hand seal, and the projection behind her suddenly vanished before it was replaced by a grey wheel of light.

The grey wheel of light behind her blurred before rotating at a rapid rate, and countless runes surged forth from within in a frenzy. These runes were then quickly shattering before converging again, gradually forming a massive rune

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