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Even though Han Li was quite surprised that a Grand Ascension Stage being was giving him a present on their first official meeting, he naturally wasn't going to refuse it. At the same time, he was considering what reason the white-robed man could have for doing this.

Everyone was also quite surprised to see this, and many of them began to exchange glances with one another.

Just as everyone thought the white-robed man was going to say something else to Han Li, much to everyone's surprise he simply leaned back and fell silent.

Qian Jizi faltered slightly upon seeing this before quickly returning to his senses as he turned to Han Li with a smile.

"You're vastly fortunate to be receiving a treasure from Senior Weng, Fellow Daoist Han. With that treasure to protect you, you'll undoubtedly be a lot safer in the Vast Glacial Realm. We don't have much time left, so let me introduce you to your companions first."

"Thank you, Senior Qian," Han Li replied in a respectful manner.

"First, let me introduce Fairy Yue to you. Just like you, she's also activated a Vast Glacial Badge, and she'll be taking another team into the Vast Glacial Realm. There's a very slim chance that your two teams will be teleported into the same area in the Vast Glacial Realm, but if you happen to bump into one another, make sure to look out for each other," Qian Jizi began as he gestured toward a woman with a remarkably pale face, wearing a blue palatial dress.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Fairy Yue." Han Li took a quite glance at this woman, yet found himself unable to identify what race she hailed from. In any case, he still smiled and cupped his fist in a polite salute.

The woman merely nodded in an indifferent manner without saying anything in response.

"This is Shi Kun of the Stone Cocoon Race. He possesses some of the most powerful defensive abilities among all of you. Those two are the twins from the Azure Race, Feng Xiao and Yun Teng; they're very adept at fighting enemies together..." Qian Jizi introduced all of the beings in the hall who were at the Spatial Tempering Stage to Han Li one by one, only giving brief introductions without going into any great depth. As such, all of the introductions were completed quite quickly.

In the face of a seventh-tier upper race being like Han Li, most of them either displayed no reaction or appraised him with cold expressions. Only a few people regarded him with smiles on their faces.

This was no surprise to Han Li. After all, these were all ninth-tier upper race beings, and if they were to make one more breakthrough, they'd be able to reach the holy race. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been chosen to enter the Vast Glacial Realm. As such, it only made sense that they wouldn't pay much heed to an outsider who was only a seventh-tier upper race being.

He had been praised by the white-robed man in person earlier, but that only indicated that he was using some special cultivation arts. At th

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