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Of course, now would not be a good time to bring out the suit of armor to study it as he was sitting in a beast-drawn carriage. As such, Han Li could only repress his curiosity and stow the jade box away before entering a meditative state.

Several hours later, the beast-drawn carriage arrived at the foot of the spirit mountain.

Han Li disembarked before tossing a spirit stone to the driver, then flew up the mountain in a calm manner.

His cave abode was situated around halfway up the mountain, and all of the cultivators with cave abodes here were either almost constantly away or arduously cultivating in their cave abodes. As such, it was relatively rare to see anyone on this mountain.

However, as Han Li was flying toward his cave abode, he was quite surprised to discover a pair of uninvited guests outside.

One of them was a red-robed man who appeared to be in his sixties; this was none other than the Eccentric Xu who had used his crimson gourd to absorb all of the world's origin Qi gathered in the aftermath of the true Kirin essence's explosion.

The very same crimson gourd was hanging from his waist, and standing next to him was a young boy who appeared to be around 14 to 15 years old with a set of fine and delicate facial features.

Both of them were sitting outside the stone door of his cave abode with their eyes closed in meditation, and Han Li was naturally quite surprised to see this.

All of a sudden, Eccentric Xu opened his eyes as if he'd sensed Han Li's return, and he smiled as he asked, "You're the Fellow Daoist Han who just moved in recently, right?"

Han Li recomposed himself before asking in a polite manner, "That's right. Were you waiting for me, Fellow Daoist Xu?"

All of the Spatial Tempering Stage beings on the entire spirit mountain were clearly quite wary of this Eccentric Xu, so he had to be quite a powerful being. As such, Han Li naturally didn't want to get on his bad side.

"Hehe, I am indeed here to pay you a visit, Fellow Daoist Han. This here is one of my direct lineal descendants. Pay your respects to Fellow Daoist Han." To Han Li's surprise, Eccentric Xu seemed to be quite eager to introduce this junior of his to him for some reason.

"Junior Xu Lunxiang pays his respects to Senior Han," the young boy immediately greeted in a respectful manner.

"There's no need for formalities." Han Li had already ascertained with his spiritual sense that this young boy's cultivation base was at the pinnacle of the Foundation Establishment Stage, so he was only one step away from the Core Formation Stage. For a cultivator of his age, that was a reflection of outstanding aptitude.

"You don't find my visit too abrupt, do you, Fellow Daoist Han?" Eccentric Xu chuckled.

"Not at all. It's my honor to host you at my humble cave abode, Fellow Daoist Xu. If it weren't for the fact that I had some matters to attend to during these past few days, I would've welcomed you into my cave abode ri

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