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Shi Kun faltered slightly before bursting into laughter as he said, "I'm sure your powers aren't inferior to ours, Fellow Daoist Han. In any case, we should stop praising one another and discuss the more important matters at hand. If we continue onward for a day or two, we'll truly be entering the depths of the Dark Beast Forest, which is where most of the Dark Beasts reside. If we want to pass through this area, we have to be on high alert the entire time."

"When passing through the central region of the forest, make sure you don't try to kill any straggling Dark Beasts. Our restrictions will be able to fool normal Dark Beasts, but high-grade Three-eyed Dark Beasts will immediately sense that something is amiss as soon as we try to use our powers. On top of that, we won't be able to release our spiritual sense over large areas deep in the forest, so if a battle were to break out, we'd be in a lot of danger," Liu Shui'er said in a grim voice.

"Even if we're forced into a battle, we can't delay for so long like we're doing now. We have to attack all at once to try and kill the enemy on the spot in an instant; only then will we be minimizing the risk of blowing our covers," Shi Kun added in a solemn manner.

"Indeed. If we were to come up against a normal Dark Beast, it shouldn't be too difficult for the three of us to kill it in an instant. However, I can't say the same if we were to encounter high-grade Dark Beasts," Han Li said as he stroked his chin.

"If we really do get targeted by a high-grade Dark Beast, then that's when our Divine Essencefused Light combination technique would come in useful," Liu Shui'er reminded with a smile.

"I almost forgot about that secret technique! With that up our sleeves, we won't have to fear even high-grade Dark Beasts as long as we don't encounter too many of them," Shi Kun chuckled as he rubbed his hands together with glee.

"However, that ability has to only be used as a last resort. If we were to unleash it, it would definitely cause a massive commotion that would result in a large number of high-grade Dark Beasts pursuing us at once," Han Li said with a concerned shake of his head.

"Rest assured, Brother Shi and I are well aware of that. Seeing as you've also obtained a Dark Beast hide, let's all transform and set off. It would be best if we were to open up some distance between one another. Otherwise, it would be rather eye-catching if we were to travel as a group of three," Liu Shui'er suggested.

"That's a valid point, Fairy Liu. In that case, I'll be going on ahead first," Shi Kun said with a quick nod.

He then made a hand seal, and that black beast hide abruptly appeared over his body. A ball of silver light then shot forth from within his sleeve before disappearing into the beast hide in a flash.

Thus, he transformed into a Dark Beast again, and his four paws dug into the ground, propelling him through the forest like an arrow.

Han Li and Liu Shui'er also imm

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