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Following that experiment he'd just conducted, he no longer had any doubts about the information in the jade badge, so he could only allow the Weeping Soul Beast to slowly absorb the true Kirin essence.

The Weeping Soul Beast was his spirit beast, so if it could experience a drastic enhancement in power after absorbing the true Kirin essence, then that was naturally worthy of celebration as well.

At the very least, it was much better than having the true Kirin essence appear several hundred years from now, then fall into someone else's hands.

With that in mind, Han Li's mental state gradually reverted back to tranquility after the emotional rollercoaster of elation followed by dejection that he'd just gone through.

Thus, he stowed the Weeping Soul Beast away into his spirit beast bracelet, then flipped a hand over to produce an ordinary-looking azure jade vial.

The vial seemed to be quite mundane and nondescript, but it was shimmering with faint azure light, and there were several restriction talismans plastered over its opening.

Han Li tossed the vial into the air before rustling a sleeve, and a dozen or so formation flags flew up into the air from within.

He then began to chant something before pointing a finger at the formation flags, and they all vanished into thin air as a dozen or so streaks of lights of different colors.

A faint yellow light barrier appeared within the secret chamber, and there were runes of different sizes hovering all over its surface.

Han Li had set up a small formation that had also encapsulated himself within it.

After doing all that, he blew gently toward the azure jade vial, and a gentle breeze swept forth.

The restriction talismans plastered over the opening of the vial were all removed by the gentle breeze, and a burst of faint spiritual light could be seen shimmering inside the vial. Han Li raised a hand and made a grabbing motion toward the jade vial, tipping it upside-down to release a strange colorful object.

This was a humanoid object that was around several inches in size, but it was completely motionless, as if it were a miniature colorful humanoid puppet.

Even though the puppet-like object wasn't moving at all, Han Li still didn't dare to get complacent. He began to chant something before casting several incantation seals toward it in quick succession.

Spiritual lights of different colors flashed from all over the humanoid puppet's body, following which it swelled drastically in size, reverting back to its original form in just a few flashes.

This was a humanoid creature that was around 20 feet tall with a vibrant green face, but limbs that consisted of four purple roots.

It was none other than the immortal zoysia that Han Li had unintentionally run into in the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges.

At this moment, there were runes of different colors all over its body, and it had been completely restricted. Its eyes were tightly shut, and it see

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