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A vicious light flashed through the green-haired being's eyes, and he abruptly stepped forward as if he were about to attack.

However, right at this moment, his companion suddenly flashed over to his side and transmitted his voice to the green-haired being, as if to remind him of something.

A hesitant look appeared on the green-haired being's face, and moments later, the animosity radiating from his body eased as he said in a cold voice, "Alright, let's see what's in this valley first. If it's not the immortal zoysia, then we'll go our separate ways, but if it's in there, hehe..."

The green-haired being chuckled coldly before paying no further heed to the opposing duo and entering the valley that was enshrouded under devilish Qi with his companion.

The woman took a deep breath upon seeing this, then turned to the elderly man as she asked, "What do we do, Uncle Yan? Are we really going to enter the valley with them?"

"Of course. The formation plate has displayed a reaction, so we can't ignore it," the elderly man replied without any hesitation.

"But those two..." The woman was rather hesitant.

"Those two won't do anything if the immortal zoysia's not in there, but if it really is in there, then that's even more reason for us to enter this valley! Otherwise, why did we take the risk to enter these mountain ranges in the first place?" the elderly man said in a dark voice with a decisive shake of his head.

"You're right, Uncle Yan, forgive me for not thinking things through properly. It looks like we really will need to venture into this valley," the woman said as she gritted her teeth after a brief hesitation.

"Don't be too concerned. My past injuries haven't completely healed, but I've prepared a special treasure especially for this trip. If we obtain the immortal zoysia, then we'll definitely be able to get away as long as we don't fight fire with fire," the elderly man said in a confident manner.

With the close bond the two of them shared, the woman naturally wasn't going to doubt his words. As such, the hint of uneasiness in her heart was erased as she nodded in response.

Thus, the two of them also flew down into the valley as streaks of light.

However, as soon as they entered the valley, the elderly man was surprised to discover that this ordinary-looking valley was immeasurably deep.

The upper half of the valley was enshrouded under faint black devilish Qi, yet the lower half was like a bottomless abyss. Even after descending for over 10,000 feet, the bottom was still nowhere in sight.

This made the elderly man both excited, but also slightly concerned.

He was excited that this valley was so unique, which made it quite possible that the immortal zoysia was actually lurking here, but he was also concerned that with the depth of the valley and the high density of the devilish Qi here, it would be quite difficult to search through it.

With that in mind, the elderly man and the woma

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