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Liu Shui'er's expression eased slightly upon hearing his response, and her voice also softened slightly as she said, "Seeing as you've come around as well, we need to work together to pass through this Dark Beast Forest. I'm sure we'll be able to succeed in that endeavor with our combined powers."

"Hehe, I certainly hope so," Shi Kun chuckled in response.

Thus, after a brief discussion, the three of them continued flying toward a certain direction along the seashore.

In the blink of an eye, they'd disappeared into the distance, but not long after they'd left, two streaks of light, one yellow and one red, appeared on the seashore in a flash.

The lights receded to reveal two foreign beings in different attire, and both of them had rather strange appearances.

One was short and portly, wearing an oversized suit of black armor that almost encompassed his entire head.

His companion was tall and thin, giving off the appearance of a dried corpse, but he was also wearing an oversized set of robes, making it appear as if both of them had suffered bizarre wardrobe malfunctions.

These two were among the few Heavenly Cloud beings that had remained at the spot where they'd first entered the realm following the departure of Han Li's trio.

Both of them were quite disheveled and wore extremely dark expressions on their faces.

The short and portly was drenched in sweat, and there was still a hint of lingering fear in his eyes as he said, "What terrible luck! I can't believe we encountered two ancient beasts at once. If it weren't for the fact that they were too busy battling one another to pay any heed to us, there's no way we would've survived that ordeal. Even so, we still had to detonate several treasures just to get away."

The short and portly being was clearly feeling very dejected that he'd had to waste his treasures under such unfortunate circumstances.

"Hmph, we're already immensely lucky to have been able to escape alive from those two ancient beasts. However, this region of the sea really is quite strange. Not only did we get trapped in that strange mist for over 10 days, we encountered those two ancient beasts right after we escaped out of the mist," the tall and thin being said in a grim voice.

"Thank heavens we finally made it out of the sea. This set of mountain ranges up ahead should be safer, right?" The short and portly being cast his gaze toward the mountain ranges up ahead with an indecisive look on his face.

"Our position disk was completely ineffective in the sea; let's see if it can locate us now that we're on land," the short and thin being suggested after a brief pause.

"Alright, I'll check right away." The short and portly being nodded before opening his mouth to expel a smooth jade disk.

The object rotated in mid-air before expanding to around 10 feet in size. At the same time, white light was shimmering all over its surface, and something seemed to be emerging from it.


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