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As soon as the azure flames came into contact with the devilish ape, the colorful light around its body was suddenly ignited, thereby plunging the dried corpse into a ball of scorching flames.

At this moment, Han Li's Nascent Soul also sat down in mid-air in a cross-legged manner, and it closed its eyes as it made a strange hand seal.

As for Han Li's physical body, it remained completely still as if it had entered a deep meditative state.

The azure flames burned for three days and three nights at the Nascent Soul's behest. Even with Han Li's current cultivation base, he was still beginning to struggle on the final day, and the stream of azure flames became a little thinner.

Thankfully, the secret technique was finally completed at the conclusion of the third day.

An explosion rang out from within the azure flames, following which a plume of black smoke dispersed through the air. The devilish ape's corpse, which had remained completely unchanged for three days prior to this, suddenly exploded into nothingness. In its place was a shimmering fist-sized ball that was hovering inside the azure flames.

The Nascent Soul opened its eyes and cast its gaze toward the shimmering object as a smile appeared on its face. At the same time, the stream of nascent flames erupting from its mouth ceased, following which the Nascent Soul vanished amid a flash of golden and azure light.

In the next instant, Han Li's physical body also opened its eyes before sweeping a sleeve through the air.

A swath of azure light swept forth, snuffing out all of the remaining nascent flames and revealing the object inside.

This was a crystalline object that was shimmering with crimson light. Han Li narrowed his eyes as he flicked a finger, and a concentrated blast of wind erupted forth before striking the crimson crystal.

The crystal shattered with a crisp crack, and a stream of extremely viscous dark red liquid flowed out from within.

As soon as the liquid was exposed to the air, it materialized into a miniature dark red monkey that was around half a foot tall.

The monkey let loose a loud cry, and a primordial aura that was quite startling even to Han Li erupted from its body. Immediately thereafter, dark red light flashed, and the miniature monkey disappeared into the distance.

However, a dull thump then immediately rang out from one of the walls of the secret chamber as the ball of red light crashed directly into it, only to be repelled by the power of the restriction.

The red light reverted back into its monkey form before immediately flying toward another direction like a headless fly.

However, Han Li was prepared this time, and he flipped a hand over to produce a thin jade vial amid a flash of white light.

He tossed the vial up into the air, and the opening of the vial aimed itself toward a certain direction with white light shimmering faintly within it.

A plume of white threads then shot forth out of the ope

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