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A ferocious look appeared on the Sea Monarch man's face upon seeing this, and he made a grabbing motion with a single hand, upon which the trident that was originally strapped to his back abruptly appeared in his hand amid a flash of blue light.

Immediately thereafter, arcs of silver lightning appeared around the sharp tips of the weapon, and it began to emanate an extremely astonishing aura.


"Brother Shi, stop!"

Liu Shui'er and the seductive Sea Monarch woman exclaimed in unison.

Immediately thereafter, the Sea Monarch woman began to transmit her voice to her companion.

"Have you forgotten what we came here for? This is not the time to be engaging in unnecessary battles; we still have an important mission that we need to carry out."

The Sea Monarch man stopped cold in his tracks upon hearing this before transmitting his voice in reply, "We can just release the Nine-eyed Holy Whale and kill these three with ease!" He clearly didn't think that Han Li's trio could pose a threat to them at all.

"I've managed to persuade the Nine-eyed Holy Whale to accompany us, but it's best not to release it unless we absolutely have to. Otherwise, if we were to ask it to go into battle for us too many times, it could become enraged and turn on us. After all, I don't possess much of the royal bloodline within my body, so I can only just barely communicate with the holy whale. Besides, we may be allies of the Jiao Chi Race, but we're not direct enemies of the Heavenly Cloud Races; there's no need to engage in such a pointless battle," the Sea Monarch woman persuaded.

"I see..." The Sea Monarch man became rather hesitant upon hearing this.

At the same time, Liu Shui'er also transmitted her voice to Shi Kun.

"Brother Shi, we've just managed to shake off those Dark Beasts, and both of us have expended a lot of magic power. Those two Sea Monarch beings certainly aren't to be underestimated; even if we can take them down with Brother Han's help, there's no way we'd be able to emerge unscathed. Our main objective is to find the restricted ruins, so it's best not to draw unnecessary trouble to ourselves"

Shi Kun wore a dark expression on his face as he replied, "Even if we don't want to fight, they may not be of the same opinion."

"Rest assured, Brother Shi. Allow me to converse with them first, and if they really do harbor ill intentions and insist on a fight, we certainly won't have to fear them with Brother Han on our side." Liu Shui'er's voice also cooled slightly as she spoke.

After that, she transmitted her voice to Han Li and said something to him as well, in response to which Han Li nodded slowly in agreement.

After that, a smile appeared on Liu Shui'er's face, and she said in a pleasant voice, "Our Heavenly Cloud Races don't seem to have any direct conflict with your Sea Monarch Race, so there's no need for us to fight one another. I can tell that you're not entirely confident in your abilities

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