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These black butterflies then shuddered as if they'd encountered the bane of their existence, then shattered into specks of black light.

At this moment, the mountain slowly revolved, and a burst of enormous suction force swept forth as a vast expanse of grey light, sweeping up the specks of black light before drawing them into the underside of the mountain, where they disappeared in a flash.

This Dark Beast had been drawn into the Divine Essencefused Mountain, and only the heavens knew whether it was still alive.

Right after this Dark Beast vanished as specks of black light, three of the projections that were attacking Shi Kun also disappeared in a flash.

At this moment, the two other Dark Beasts had only just blasted away Shi Kun's massive fiery war hammers with their pillars of black light, and they were extremely alarmed and furious that one of their companions was nowhere to be seen. Black light erupted from their bodies, and they combined as one to form a twin-headed silver-eyed Dark Beast.

This fused beast was over 200 feet in size, and the third vertical eyes on their glabellas had increased in size by severalfold, making them appear as if they were a pair of shimmering silver lamps.

As soon as this giant beast appeared, both of its heads turned toward different directions, and their third eyes abruptly sprung open to blast forth a thumb-sized beam of silver light each.

One of the beams of light shot forth toward the massive blue wave while the other hurtled toward the giant black mountain up above.

The silver light struck the two in a flash, and even though the beams of light were quite thin, they seemed to possess extraordinary power. Both the blue wave and the giant mountain shuddered before faltering in mid-air, unable to advance any further.

A faint cry of surprise suddenly rang out from somewhere near the giant fused Dark Beast.

The twin-headed Dark Beast was elated that its ability had been effective in keeping Han Li's attacks at bay, yet its expressions immediately darkened as it heard this cry of surprise. One of its front paws swiped through the air like lightning toward the spot where the sound had come from, and the beast was so massive that even just one of its paws was around 10 feet in size.

Claw projections flashed through the air, encompassing the entire area nearby. At the same time, one of its heads swiveled around, and another beam of silver light shot forth from its third eye.

After fusing together, this giant beast was able to blast this silver light out of its third eyes in quick succession.

If someone were to be caught off guard by this, thinking that the beast wouldn't be able to unleash that silver light so quickly after its previous attack, then they could be in a bit of trouble.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and a shimmering golden humanoid figure suddenly appeared out of thin air. It was holding a shimmering silver seal that had transformed into a s

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