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There were a dozen or so foreign beings waiting outside his cave abode, and at the forefront of the ground were four yellow-robed beings, all of whom were at the pinnacle of the Spatial Tempering Stage. The rest of the group was comprised of armored warriors wielding long silver halberds, and all of them were wore serious expressions.

One of the yellow-robed men cupped his fist in a salute as soon as Han Li emerged from his cave abode, and said, "Fellow Daoist Han, we were given orders by Senior Qian Jizi to take you to the meeting place where everyone has gathered."

"I'll have to trouble you to lead the way, then," Han Li replied in a calm manner.

In the past, only very few of the most important beings in Cloud City were aware of the fact that he was the one who had activated the Vast Glacial Badge. However, now that the opening of the Vast Glacial Realm was imminent, many more people had most likely been made aware of this information.

Qian Jizi was naturally afraid that someone would try to kidnap or kill Han Li for their own objectives, which was why he'd deployed this group to accompany him to the meeting place.

The yellow-robed man smiled upon hearing this before waving a hand toward the armored warriors behind him. The dozen or so armored warriors immediately parted to reveal a spirit carriage that was shimmering with azure light. The carriage was being drawn by a pair of gorgeous massive azure birds, and it was quite clear that this was no ordinary spirit carriage. Han Li strode forward and entered the carriage without a fuss, and the four yellow-robed beings also rose up into the air before descending onto the carriage.

The four of them had clearly rehearsed this before, and they each landed on one corner of the spirit carriage to shield Han Li between them at the very center.

The two azure birds let loose a few clear cries before spreading their wings, and they rose up into the air with the spirit carriage behind them. Meanwhile, each of the armored warriors summoned a silver disk, and they also rose up into the air atop these treasures. Moments later, the azure spirit carriage had reached an altitude of several thousand feet, and it was flying straight out of Cloud City.

It was quite clear that the entire Cloud City was on high alert. Not only were there extremely few pedestrians on the streets, there were also many groups of armored warriors patrolling the city on the ground below, as well as in the air above.

What Han Li also noticed was he could sense restriction fluctuations coming from some of the more important places in the city, as if all of the spell formations there had been activated.

It appeared that the higher-ups of Cloud City really did regard the opening of this Vast Glacial Realm as an extremely important event.

The spirit carriage flew along without encountering any mishaps, taking Han Li directly to the inn where he'd first activated the Vast Glacial Badge.

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