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Not only were these tentacles covered in dark green patterns, they were also riddled with massive suction cups the size of wagon wheels, creating a truly disturbing sight.

As soon as these tentacles emerged, Shi Kun stomped a foot into the ground, and his body shot forth like an arrow, taking him to the nearest tentacle in a flash before he swiped an arm through the air.

A streak of yellow light hurtled forth like a giant blade that was over 100 feet long, slicing through one of the massive tentacles with ease.

A massive fountain of green blood immediately spurted into the air, and rank green blood began to rain down from the sky.

Shi Kun let loose a burst of raucous laughter upon seeing this, and his body swayed as he prepared to fly toward another tentacle.

However, a thunderous roar suddenly erupted from below the island, causing the entire sky in the nearby area to tremor audibly.

Shi Kun faltered in mid-air as his expression changed slightly, and right at this moment, the sea beast's severed tentacle suddenly whipped violently through the air.

The bleeding from the wound immediately ceased, and bursts of putrid green mist were blasted forth from within.

Shi Kun was clearly an extremely experienced warrior, and he immediately retreated upon seeing this, flying back to over 300 feet away to distance himself from this green mist.

However, as opposed to attacking Shi Kun, the green mist in the air suddenly manifested into a complete tentacle that was identical to one he had just severed.

Shi Kun's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he immediately swiped his arm through the air again to unleash another devastating streak of yellow light.

However, on this occasion, all of the suction cups on the newly formed tentacle immediately compressed before expanding to expel bursts of black light.

The yellow streak of light struck the black light with a loud clang, followed by the sharp screeching sound of metal grating on metal. The yellow streak of light was able to slice through part of the black light, but it finally fizzled out into nothingness just before it could reach the sea beast's tentacle.

At this moment, the roar erupting from below the island became even louder, and the tentacle came crashing down toward Shi Kun with mountainous force.

Before it had even struck him, fierce gusts of wind were swept up, making it quite difficult for Shi Kun to stand still on the spot.

A ferocious look appeared on his face, and he let loose a loud roar as he launched a fist into the air.

Han Li and Liu Shui'er were both spectating the battle intently from above, and they noticed that in the instant Shi Kun unleashed that punch, his fist swelled up like a balloon to five to six times its original size.

Furthermore, several yellow runes emerged from the giant fist before exploding in unison, and a yellow halo swept forth, forming shockwave-like ripples of light.

As soon as the giant te

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