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"Bring out your devilish armor, Brother Han," Xian Xian said as she turned to Han Li with a solemn look on her face.

Han Li naturally had no objections to this. As such, he flipped a hand over to produce a jade box that was around a foot in size, upon which were plastered a pair of restriction talismans.

He swept a sleeve over the box, to remove the talismans and its lid, and a burst of black Qi immediately surged forth from within in a frenzy.

Within the black Qi, a suit of purple armor that was around half a foot slowly emerged.

Not only was it extremely sinister in appearance, there were several spikes protruding from the shoulder and knee sections of the armor. On top of that, its entire surface was filled with black patterns, and it was emanating immensely powerful devilish Qi. However, there was a large hole on the chest of the suit of armor, and the surrounding area was riddled with cracks, clearly indicating that it had been severely damaged.

Xian Xian's expression changed slightly at the sight of the black Qi surging forth from the suit of armor, and she waved a hand through the air to conjure up a translucent light barrier before pointing a finger at the box from afar.

The purple suit of armor drifted slowly toward the formation at her behest, seemingly having been summoned by some kind of invisible power.

Before the suit of armor reached the center of the formation, Xian Xian raised a hand to cast a silver incantation seal, which disappeared into the copper cauldron in a flash.

A dull clang akin to the toll of a large bell instantly rang out from within the cauldron, and the black and azure flames burning around it instantly swelled to sweep up the suit of armor and draw it into the cauldron.

Immediately thereafter, a string of rumbling booms akin to thunderclaps rang out from within the cauldron, following which the intricate black patterns on its surface began to flash and glow.

At the same time, black Qi began to surge throughout the entire formation down below, and faint silver runes emerged from various locations all over the formation. As soon as these runes appeared, they surged toward the cauldron in a frenzy before vanishing into it.

After that, Xian Xian began to chant something in a low voice again while making a hand seal. The ground near the formation began to tremor violently, and piercing yellow light suddenly flashed from its four corner, following which a yellow stone platform emerged from each corner.

These platforms were around 10 feet tall each, but all of them were extremely smooth, and there was a small black flag standing on each of them.

Around the flags were containers of all shapes and sizes, and Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this before quickly reverting back to normal.

As Xian Xian continued to chant her incantations, the four flags swelled to 50 to 60 feet in size, and only then did Xian Xian withdraw her hand seal as she turned to

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