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In her desperation, she let loose a delicate cry as she opened her mouth to blast forth a swath of crimson light.

However, before the crimson light could even reach the fan, the latter suddenly shattered into countless shards of jade before disappearing on the spot.

At this point, the silver flames had already devoured all of the crimson flames in the air.

An expression of shock and fury immediately appeared on the woman's face.

That crimson fan was no ordinary treasure, and the crimson flames it was capable of unleashing was an extremely devious type of Yin flames. For ordinary beings, coming into contact with just a single wisp of those flames would result in them immediately being afflicted by Yin poison, even if they were wearing protective treasures. As such, there was no good defense against these flames, and they'd won her many battles in the past.

However, on this occasion, these flames didn't even manage to get close to Han Li before they were completely devoured by the strange silver flames that Han Li had unleashed, and this was quite astonishing to the woman in the palatial dress.

Furthermore, due to the fact that this was her bonded treasure, she also sustained damage from its destruction, and she threw up a mouthful of blood essence as her face paled even further.

However, she didn't dare to take it easy and nurse her injuries as at this moment, the silver Fire Raven had withdrawn all of its silver feathers and was hurtling directly toward her.

The woman wiped the blood from the corner of her lips before raising an eyebrow as she slapped a certain object hanging from her waist.

A ball of crimson light immediately shot forth before transforming into a palm-sized red gourd.

This was none other than the second of her two most powerful treasures.

Immediately thereafter, she began to chant something, and brilliant crimson light erupted from within the opening of the gourd.

All of a sudden, waves of crimson liquid gushed forth in a frenzy, sweeping toward the silver Fire Raven like a massive wave of blood.

The crimson wave was emanating a foul odor of blood and gore, and there were wisps of black Qi in there that were emitting a frosty sinister aura.

The Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven was rather wary of this crimson wave, choosing to refrain from allowing its body to come into contact with this liquid. Instead, it opened its beak, and a burst of white light swept forth.

Thus, the white light and the crimson liquid clashed, and as they intertwined in mid-air a strange sizzling sound rang out. Part of the crimson wave was immediately evaporated into white steam that dispersed through the air.

The white light was formed by none other than the Golden Crow True Flames, and due to the fact that it contained extremely pure Yang-attribute power, it was very potent against this crimson liquid, which possessed Yin-attribute properties.

White light surged forth relentlessly from with

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