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"A handsome reward?" Han Li merely chuckled upon hearing this.

"Do you not believe me, Fellow Daoist Han? In that case, I'm willing to issue part of the reward in advance," the silver-armored man insisted with a cold expression on his face.

"Brother Han, only I've conducted enough research into the Heavenly Devilish Armor to be able to repair it. If you help me here, not only will I repair the armor for you, I'll take you here to search for the true Kirin essence again in a few hundred years, and I'm willing to split it with you." Xian Xian remained completely calm and unflustered, seemingly very confident that Han Li would help her.

Just as she'd expected, Han Li only hesitated momentarily before shaking his head as he said, "I'm afraid I won't be able to just stand by idly here. If you know what's good for you, I suggest you leave, Fellow Daoist Gui."

The silver-armored man was furious upon hearing this, and a ferocious look appeared on his face as the odor of blood and gore in the air intensified.

Han Li's eyes narrowed, and a rumbling thunderclap erupted within his as arcs of golden lightning appeared all around him. At the same time, a golden projection with three heads and six arms emerged behind his back.

Simultaneously, several tens of azure flying swords flew out of his sleeves, then transformed into blossoming azure lotus flowers.

Meanwhile, Han Li merely stood with his hands clasped behind his back as he appraised the silver-armored man.

A wide smile appeared on Xian Xian's face upon seeing this, but she wasn't just going to stand by idly, either.

She flipped over both of her hands, and an azure talisman with the image of a Kirin inscribed upon it suddenly appeared in one hand, while a small black flag appeared in her other hand amid a flash of spiritual light.

Both of the objects were covered in countless runes, and it was quite apparent that they were no ordinary treasures.

She waved the two objects through the air, and a gust of black winds emerged alongside an azure Kirin projection.

Both of them then instantly combined as one, and the Kirin projection was inflated to several times its original size by the gust of black winds. It opened its cavernous mouth and let loose a string of low roars as it appraised the silver-armored man in a menacing manner.

The silver-armored man was normally quite a brutal and vicious character, but even he had to hesitate in the face of both Han Li and Xian Xian.

The latter wasn't enough for him to be concerned about, but the fact that Han Li had taken care of the cave spirit on his own had shaken him quite a bit.

He knew that if he were to face the cave spirit on his own, he'd only have a 50% chance of securing victory at most, and that probability was deflated even further by the fact that the cave spirit had been possessed by the soul fragment of a Heavenly Devilish Sovereign.

"Alright, then this is where we'll part ways. I hope that

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