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"That thing looks to be at least just as powerful as that Sea Guardian Ape; we should get out of here as quickly as possible." Liu Shui'er expression changed upon seeing this, and she immediately made a hand seal before flying away as a streak of blue light without any hesitation.

Even without her reminder, Han Li and Shi Kun knew that a battle between two beings with such devastating powers would likely affect a massive area even beyond the direct vicinity of their battlefield.

As such, they also followed suit and flew away as streaks of light behind Liu Shui'er as quickly as they could.

The three streaks of light quickly vanished into the distance, and moments later, an earth-shattering roar suddenly erupted from the seashore in the distance.

Immediately thereafter, the sounds of fierce winds and thunderclaps intertwined, creating a rumbling commotion that drowned out the roar of the Sea Guardian Ape and the cry of the giant bird.

Almost at the exact same moment, a gargantuan wave that was over 10,000 feet tall swept forth in a frenzy from the seashore, completely inundating the spot where Han Li's trio had been standing mere moments earlier.

At this point, Han Li's trio had already fled to several hundred kilometers away, then changed direction and flew back toward land after going around in a massive loop.

After the three of them finally flew safely onto land, Shi Kun heaved a faint sigh of relief as he said, "This Vast Glacial Realm really is just as the rumors proclaim it to be; there are so many ancient beasts here that have already gone extinct long ago in our Spirit Realm. If we keep encountering these beings during our journey, we'll most likely be dead before we even get to the restricted ruins."

His voice wasn't very loud, but at Han Li and Liu Shui'er's cultivation bases, they were naturally able to hear him quite clearly.

"There are indeed some ancient beasts here, but it's not like they're all over the place. It's most likely the case that we were simply unlucky and stumbled upon the battlefield between two powerful ancient beasts," Liu Shui'er said with a shake of her head.

"Is it really just bad luck? This is quite a bad start to the journey," Shi Kun said with a resigned shrug.

"Cultivators like us are beings who defy the natural order, so we can't completely ignore things like omens, but there's no need to take them completely seriously, either," Liu Shui'er said with a faint smile.

"Hehe, I certainly hope so," Shi Kun chuckled in response.

At the sight of Shi Kun's unconvinced expression, Liu Shui'er spoke no further on this matter, turning to Han Li instead as she said, "Brother Han, we need to ascertain our location in this Vast Glacial Realm first, and we'll need you to be on lookout duty for us."

After the events that had unfolded earlier, Liu Shui'er was clearly being more polite to Han Li.

"No problem," Han Li replied with a nod. He was rather curious about ho

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