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The five-colored sword slowly descended from above, and Ju Chu was immediately struck by a sense of foreboding at the sight of it.

Thus, it launched the black and red pillar before it up into the air in retaliation, and as the powers of wind and fire surged upward, the air twisted and warped violently amid a loud buzzing sound, as if the entire space were about to be torn open.

The pillar of wind and fire swept up the five-colored sword of light in a flash, and purple light flashed erratically as an earsplitting explosion erupted within the pillar.

The entire light barrier formed by the sword formation tremored violently as if it could shatter at any moment.

Ju Chu's expression eased as a smile appeared on its face.

It had activated all of the latent potential in this body, then drew upon the power of the spirit bead on the giant toad's glabella to unleash this devastating attack, so there was no way that this sword formation could withstand it.

Even if its true body were here, it definitely wouldn't want to face this attack.

However, a smile had only just appeared on the giant toad's face when its expression abruptly stiffened. A clear ringing sound suddenly rang out from within the pillar of wind and fire, following which it was somehow sliced in half.

Five-colored spiritual light flashed and a massive sword of light shot forth from within.

All of the powers of wind and fire nearby seemed to have been struck by an incredible power, and all of it dispersed to reveal the entirety of the giant sword.

The five-colored sword turned toward the giant toad, then unleashed a gentle slash that was completely soundless, and seemingly harmless as well.

However, the grey bead on Ju Chu's glabella suddenly shattered.

"Impossible!" Ju Chu let loose a bloodcurdling shriek as its eyes sprang open for the first time.

Its pupils were completely crimson, and there was blood flowing from his eyes.

In the next instant, the giant toad's enormous body parted into two halves without any warningas a burst of crimson flames surged out of its body in a frenzy, then inundated it in a sea of red flames.

The remains of the giant toad were instantly incinerated into nothingness, and the colossal creature vanished in the blink of an eye.

The massive toad had been completely powerless in the face of the Origin Qi Sword, and even its soul hadn't managed to escape.

Azure light flashed up above, and Han Li appeared within the sword formation. He looked down at the scorching flames burning down below and heaved a faint sigh.

"As expected, drawing upon the power of heaven and earth can create far more powerful attacks than any ordinary secret technique. If it weren't for the fact that there simply wasn't enough of the world's origin Qi in that devilish Qi passageway, this Origin Qi Sword would've most likely been enough to slay that devilish ape as well. In that case, I wouldn't have had to severely weaken my

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