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It was none other than the Gold Devouring Beetle that Han Li had deployed for tracking purposes.

The beetle swayed before disappearing up Han Li's sleeve, and the wisp of spiritual sense he'd imbued within it also returned to him.

Thus, he instantly received all of the visual and auditory information that the Golden Devour Beetle had gleaned, and his expression abruptly changed slightly.

After Han Li had withstood the giant face's attack with ease, the latter didn't immediately unleash another attack. Instead, it was appraising Han Li with a dark expression, seemingly rather wary of him.

After a short while, the massive face asked in a dark voice, "The aura of that devilish ape has vanished; could it be that you killed it?"

"Oh? Your sensory abilities sure are quite potent. Indeed, the devilish ape was wiped off the face of this realm not long ago," Han Li replied in a slow voice.

"Hmph, you're a lucky little brat. I lured the devilish ape to this place so it would stay here to recover from its injuries, and after attaining a true spirit body, I was going to devour it as medicine. The idiot thought that the pure and abundant devilish Qi here was a naturally occurring phenomenon," the monstrous face harrumphed coldly.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, but it then quickly reverted back to normal as he said, "I see. No wonder the devilish Qi here is so abundant. I was thinking that it would be quite difficult for the devilish ape to gather so much devilish Qi with its severe injuries; so you're the one behind this all along. Now, I'm really curious about just what kind of being you are. Could it be that you're a spirit of heaven and earth?"

"What spirit of heaven and earth? This thing is supposed to be an idiotic being with no spiritual nature at all that was only born from the true spirit essence within it, and it's only attained this level of intelligence after being possessed by something else. Take care not to be fooled by this thing, Brother Han," the azure Kirin suddenly said.

Upon hearing the pleasant female voice that the Kirin projection had just spoken with, Han Li's expression changed slightly, and asked, "You're still Fairy Xian right now, right?"

"Of course, Senior. My current state is rather strange as there are two different spiritual sense within my body, but my consciousness is the one controlling this Kirin projection," the azure Kirin sighed in a truthful manner.

"So that means you've lured me all the way just so you could get your hands on this so-called true Kirin essence, right? Could it be that you were lying all along when you said you could use a holy-grade devilish core to repair the suit of devilish armor?" Han Li turned to the azure Kirin in a completely emotionless manner.

"Of course not! A holy-grade devilish core is very much necessary to repair the Heavenly Devilish Armor. As for the matter surrounding the true Kirin essence, I'll admit that I did

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