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After summoning his Thunderstorm Wings, Han Li flapped them gently, and his body shot forth as an azure and white thread of light.

The light thread covered a distance of 700 to 800 feet in just a single flash, then appeared on the other side of the horizon after just a few more flashes.

Such an astonishing speed would allow Han Li to outrun all beings below the holy race, and he was finally beginning to slowly catch up to Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun.

Thankfully, all of the Dark Beats nearby seemed to have been summoned away by the Dark Beast Monarch, thereby allowing him to fly through the forest without any inhibitions.

After more than two hours, he finally caught up to his target, and caught sight of Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun in the distance.

In reality, he hadn't really caught up. At this point, Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun had already been forced to stop, and were currently engaged in a heated battle against the silver-eyed Dark Beasts.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and surveyed the situation from several kilometers away.

Thus, he discovered that Shi Kun had donned a suit of shimmering yellow armor, and was standing still on the spot in mid-air.

A pair of crimson war hammers had appeared in his hands, and as he swung them through the air, countless fist-sized balls of fire revolved around him, conjuring up a sinister-looking crimson fire wyrm.

in the air above his head, a red jade vial spinning on the spot incessantly, blasting forth pillars of crimson light that were attacking the enemies around him in a frenzy.

It turned out that Shi Kun's most powerful abilities were fire-attribute ones, rather than earth-attribute abilities. This came as quite a surprise to Han Li.

Meanwhile, the three silver-eyed Dark Beasts that were attacking him had conjured up a dozen or so black projections that had surrounded him from all sides.

Countless streaks of black and red light clashed amid resounding booms, and despite the immense power of Shi Kun's war hammers, he was unable to strike the silver projections around him due to their fast and unpredictable movement techniques, so he was only able to ensure self-preservation without being able to gain any advantage.

On top of that, even though the three silver-eyed Dark Beasts weren't actually attacking him themselves, the silver beams of light they were unleashing from their third eyes were extremely dangerous.

Shi Kun naturally didn't dare to allow these beams of light to pierce through his defenses and strike his body, so he was going out of his way to block them with his war hammers.

Han Li could clearly see that as soon as those silver beams of light struck Shi Kun's crimson hammers, those areas on the hammers would instantly take on a black hue. Despite the fact that the crimson light around those areas would then scramble to sweep over those spots, it would still take a long while before the war hammers returned to normal.

Thankfully, the three silver-e

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