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These Dark Beasts were all comparable to Spatial Tempering cultivators, and so many of them had gathered all at once. Even though Han Li and the others were all far more powerful than their cultivation bases suggested, this was still a rather grim situation.

Han Li wasn't overly concerned as he had many trump cards, and in a worst-case scenario, he could just unleash his Gold Devouring Beetles or Profound Heavenly Fruit to kill these Dark Beasts. As such, he remained quite calm and collected.

In the face of so many Dark Beasts, Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun were naturally aware that they couldn't face them in a direct battle.

Otherwise, even if they could secure victory, there was definitely no way that they'd be able to do so unscathed. If they were to sustain severe injuries and expend too much magic power, the rest of the journey would be made exceedingly difficult, especially considering how they still had to track down those restricted ruins and secure the treasures in there.

Thankfully, even though these Dark Beasts had managed to cut off Han Li's trio, they were aware of the fate that had befallen their companions that had tried to stop Han Li and the others in the past, so they refrained from immediately attacking.

At present, it appeared as if they only wanted to temporarily stall the three of them until more Dark Beasts arrived.

After a brief silence, Liu Shui'er's brows furrowed slightly as her mouth began to move, transmitting her voice to Han Li and Shi Kun.

"Fellow Daoists, we're not too far away from the border of the Dark Beast Forest. With so many Dark Beasts standing in our way, it would be unwise to take them on in a direct battle, so I suggest we split up and get past them, then reunite after we exit the forest."

"Alright, that sounds like a plan," Shi Kun immediately agreed to this suggestion.

Han Li contemplated this suggestion momentarily before also nodding in response.

The group of Dark Beasts was being led by a Three-eyed Dark Beast that was far larger in size than its companions, and it seemed to have sensed that Han Li and the others were up to something. As such, it let loose a low snarl, and a stir immediately ran through the entire beast pack.

All of a sudden, they opened their mouths in unison, blasting forth several tens of pillars of black light, while also conjuring up countless claw projections that hurtled directly toward Han Li's trio.

The combined attack of several tens of Dark Beast was naturally quite fearsome, but after killing so many Dark Beasts on the way here, Han Li and the others had already devised courses of action against attacks of this nature.

Thus, spiritual light flashed from their bodies, and Han Li made a hand seal as a pair of translucent wings appeared on his back.

He flapped those wings gently, and his body shot forth as a thin azure and white thread. As it was speeding through the air, it changed directions a few times in an unpredicta

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