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Han Li smiled as he appraised the Nascent Devil before waving a hand toward it. Spiritual light instantly flashed from the Nascent Devil, and it disappeared into Han Li's body as a streak of black light.

It turned out that after using the precious materials gathered to manifest a substantial form for his golden projection, Han Li unintentionally discovered that his Nascent Devil could easily possess the golden body, and use the devilish Qi within it to continue cultivating its Profound Yin Devilish Qi.

At the same time, the second Nascent Soul could expel its nascent flames to refine this body, which was greatly beneficial to the manifestation of this golden body.

In that case, Han Li was naturally more than happy to let it possess the projection.

After all, his second Nascent Soul was virtually an independent being on its own, so he didn't have to expend any effort into guiding its cultivation or helping it control the golden body.

It was just a pity that this Nascent Devil possessed quite a lowly cultivation base. If it could cultivate to somewhere around Han Li's current cultivation base, then possess the golden body, it would essentially be similar to an avatar for Han Li, which would naturally immensely enhance his combat prowess.

For a normal being, it was of course extremely difficult to cultivate from the Nascent Soul Stage all the way up to the Spatial Tempering Stage.

However, Han Li had already been through all that, so he could pass on all types of cultivation experiences to his second Nascent Soul. Furthermore, he had a virtually limitless supply of precious pills to feed the second Nascent Soul, so its cultivation was definitely progressing even faster than he was.

Cultivation bottlenecks weren't exactly non-existent to Nascent Devils, but there was no doubt that it would be far easier for them to break through their bottlenecks than it was for normal cultivators. After all, the insights and enlightenment attained by a cultivator right before their breakthroughs were very useful resources. This was also why beings would begin to cultivate avatars or second souls after they'd reached a point in their cultivation where they felt that it was quite difficult to progress any further.

However, both refining avatars and second souls required the expenditure of vast amounts of effort and resources, and it was quite often the case that one would only achieve this objective after most of their remaining lifespan had been used up.

This was why most cultivators would only cultivate one or two avatars, despite knowing the immense benefits that avatars could bring to them, and also why most avatars possessed inferior cultivation bases compared to the cultivators themselves.

After all, they didn't have the mysterious small vial that Han Li possessed, which allowed him to infinitely nurture all of the spirit medicines he required at a vastly accelerated rate.

After embroiling itself in the devilish

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