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Even though Han Li didn't finish his sentence, Eccentric Xu naturally understood the unspoken implications, and his brows furrowed as he asked, "Why don't you tell me what kind of treasure you'd like in exchange for that disposable treasure of yours? Even if I don't have it, I have many acquaintances, and I could try and source it for you."

Han Li fell silent upon hearing this.

There naturally were items that he wanted. Not taking into account other matters, just the rare materials that Qing Yuanzi was asking for comprised of quite an extensive list.

However, it was exactly because of this that he found it difficult to state any terms.

If he were to use the true Kirin essence to exchange for only a few of the materials on the list, it naturally wouldn't be worth it for him. However, if he were to ask for too many materials in return, Eccentric Xu would most likely be of the opinion that Han Li was simply trying to take advantage of him, and he'd essentially be making an enemy for no good reason.

After all, only he was aware of the value of the true Kirin essence, but that was not something that he could disclose to Eccentric Xu, thereby resulting in this predicament.

"Fellow Daoist Xu, the items I require are all extremely rare, and even you wouldn't be able to source them, so there's no point in disclosing them. As for whether I can replicate that phenomenon for you..." Han Li heaved a faint sigh with a hesitant look on his face.

Eccentric Xu's expression darkened further at the sight of the hesitant expression on Han Li's face.

He glanced at the young boy behind him, then gritted his teeth and pulled out a blue jade box as he said, "Would you like to have a look at this item as well? It's even more valuable than all of the other items I've shown you. One of the elders of our Cloud Race also requires this item, and I wanted to offer it to him in exchange for some benefits, but the future of my junior clearly takes priority over that. I'm sure that even if this item isn't something that you're looking for, it's at least of equal value to the disposable treasure you possess."

Han Li wasn't surprised at all to see that Eccentric Xu had held something back in reserve. If he were in Eccentric Xu's shoes, he wouldn't bring out the most valuable item he had to offer from the get-go, either.

As for the story about how he was planning to give this item to one of the elders of his race, that most likely wasn't true, and Han Li naturally wasn't going to take it seriously.

Thus, he nodded in response before making a grabbing motion to draw the blue jade box into his grasp.

As soon as his fingers came into contact with the box, a strange chilling sensation suddenly ran through his entire body, and his heart jolted with shock in response.

He didn't know what kind of spirit jade this box had been refined from, but it was even colder than profound jade.

As such, Han Li was rather intrigued as he slowly r

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