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Han Li raised an eyebrow upon seeing this, and he immediately made a hand seal to stop the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven cold in its tracks.

The Fire Raven let loose a reluctant cry before revolving around the ball of spirit liquid in a wistful manner.

Prior to deciding how he was going to use this flawed batch of spirit liquid, he naturally wasn't going to allow his Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven to devour it.

He had only summoned the Fire Raven so it could assist him in testing the efficacy of the Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid.

Han Li flicked his 10 fingers through the air in rapid succession, casting a series of incantation seals of different colors toward the ball of spirit liquid.

Some of these incantation seals disappeared into the ball of liquid in a flash while others were repelled amid flashes of red light. There were also some incantation seals that struck the ball of liquid with rumbling booms akin to dull thunderclaps, and Han Li's expression changed incessantly as he witnessed the spirit liquid's reactions to the incantation seals he'd cast toward it.

After the final white incantation seal struck the ball of liquid and exploded into a cloud of white mist, Han Li suddenly stopped what he was doing as he stroked his chin with a contemplative look on his face.

A few moments later, he suddenly flipped a hand over to summon a set of extremely intricate formation flags. These flags were only several inches in size each, and as he raised a hand, they transformed into several streaks of spiritual light that shot forth through the air before abruptly disappearing.

A light formation that was around 10 feet in size appeared in their place.

This was a five-colored light formation that had a wide top and a narrow bottom, making it resemble a massive funnel.

There was a series of runes of different sizes flashing near the light formation, giving it a very mysterious appearance.

Han Li let loose a low cry before making a grabbing motion toward the ball of fiery liquid that was hovering in mid-air, and it was instantly thrust into the light formation.

In the instant that the ball of liquid entered the formation, a low buzzing sound suddenly rang out from within the light formation, following which a five-colored light barrier that encompassed the entire formation appeared.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he flicked his 10 fingers toward the light formation, and a series of thin translucent threads shot forth from his fingertips before disappearing into the light barrier up ahead.

Han Li then curled his fingers inward slightly, and the translucent threads completely straightened out in response.

He began to chant something, and a film of light began to revolve around the translucent threads, as if something were being transmitted toward them from the light formation.

Han Li stared at the translucent threads with an intense unblinking gaze.

What he was unleashing now was a secre

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