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Han Li contemplated the devilish ape's words for only a brief moment before he chuckled coldly as he said, "Your soul is almost fully recovered? Do you really think I'll believe that? You're a mid-holy race being, yet you're using your body to attack me while using your soul to unleash a sneak attack. If your soul really were almost fully recovered, why would you resort to such sneaky tactics? Your soul may be recovering at a faster rate than your body, but it's certainly nowhere near fully recovered. I may not be a match for you in your current state, but if I gather a couple of helpers to oppose you together, we'll be able to kill you with ease."

The giant ape's cackling drew to an abrupt halt upon hearing this, and it suddenly made a grabbing motion as two balls of crimson light flashed from its suit of armor.

The purple blade segment that was battling the two Gold Devouring Beetles immediately disappeared, and in the next instant, it appeared in the devilish ape's hand, following which it swelled to become a giant purple sword that was around 10 feet in length.

The giant ape slashed the sword toward Han Li several times in quick succession, and seven or eight thick purple streaks instantly hurtled toward him.

However, Han Li was already prepared in advance, so he certainly wasn't going to fall prey to this attack.

The crystalline shield before him radiated bright spiritual light, and it swelled drastically in size to form a translucent light barrier before him.

The purple streaks struck the crystalline light barrier amid a string of resounding booms, and most of their powers were nullified by the light barrier. However, a small portion of its power still managed to bypass the light barrier before crashing directly into Han Li's body.

Han Li made no effort to ward off the residual power of the purple sword streaks, and as such, his body was blasted into the devilish Qi behind him like a cannonball.

"You sure dare to talk big! You think you can threaten me with your pathetic powers? Where do you think you're going?" the devilish ape initially cackled in a derisive manner. However, after waiting for a short while for Han Li to re-emerge from the black mist to no avail, it finally realized something, and it also rushed into the devilish Qi as a gust of devilish winds.

However, as soon as the devilish ape entered the black Qi, a small mountain that was around 10 feet tall suddenly came crashing down toward it.

The devilish ape faltered slightly before merely raising a fist in a nonchalant manner to combat the oncoming small mountain. A burst of enormous power was instantly sent hurtling upward, and the devilish beast paid no further heed to the small mountain as it cast its gaze directly up ahead.

To normal beings, there was zero visibility within this inky-black devilish Qi passageway, but for a holy-grade devilish beast, it was as clear as day.

As such, it immediately caught sight of Han Li, who

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