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"It's comparable to a humanoid devilish spirit? No wonder these people have ventured into these mountain ranges; they're most likely all here to try and capture it. Wait, but these people don't actually know how to use the spirit zoysia!" Ju Chu exclaimed.

After pausing for a moment, the giant winged man instructed in a cold voice, "In any case, we definitely can't let something so precious fall into their hands, but I can't afford to delay here either as our patriarch's emergence from seclusion is imminent. As such, I'll leave this to you. Go and gather a horde of devilish beasts and track down that immortal zoysia for me. They're much more familiar with these mountain ranges, so they'll definitely be able to find the immortal zoysia ahead of those outsiders. However, you have to remember to act discreetly so Duo Yan and Xue Bi's subordinates don't notice what you're doing. Also, kill all of the Spirit Realm beings that you encounter. We did make an agreement with those top-grade beings of the Spirit Realm, but as long we don't leave these mountain ranges en masse, they can't do anything to us just because a few people go missing in here."

"Alright, then I'll go back immediately. These beings have some treasures that can track the immortal zoysia, and even though it's only effective within a radius of 50 kilometers, we should have a better chance of finding the immortal zoysia if we manage to take all of those treasures. The other person's treasure had already been destroyed, but the treasure belonging to the being that I swallowed is still intact; I'll give that one to you, Master." Ju Chuu nodded before opening its mouth to expel a formation plate that was shimmering with faint spiritual light.

The winged being was quite elated to hear this, and he raised a hand to draw the formation plate into his grasp as he said, "I see. In that case, we really do have to kill all of the Spirit Realm beings in here. Otherwise, they'll constantly be competing with us to get their hands on the immortal zoysia first. You can go now."

"Yes, Master!" Ju Chu replied in a respectful manner before suddenly descending into the sea of mist down below, quickly disappearing in a soundless manner.

Meanwhile, the winged being stowed the formation plate away before flapping his wings and flying away as a streak of black light.

Two days later, two groups of foreign beings were hurtling through the air one after another over a strange area that was filled with massive trees that were each several tens of feet in length.

The group up ahead was flying through the air atop a yellow spirit ark that was around 30 to 40 feet in length. Their group consisted of three beings, all of whom were blue-robed men. One of them was seated with his legs crossed in a completely motionless manner, seemingly having sustained severe injuries, while the other two had spiritual light flashing erratically around their bodies as they injected their magic power into the

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