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Han Li sat on in his chair for around two hours as large numbers of foreign beings poured into the hall.

The spacious three-level hall was entirely filled in the end, and even the cabins on the upper level had all been occupied.

Even the weakest foreign beings to attend the auction were at the Nascent Soul Stage, while the most powerful beings were at the Body Integration.

Just the Body Integration Stage beings that Han Li counted amounted to around four or five, and both Duan Tianren and Qian Jizi among them.

As for the other few Body Integration Stage beings that Han Li saw, those were also presumably all important figures akin to elders in their respective races.

At least 60 to 70 beings had already filed to the cabins on the upper level prior to Han Li's entrance, and all of them were at the Body Integration Stage.

However, Han Li didn't see Cai Liuying among their ranks, which meant that she had either taken a cabin before Han Li had arrived or she had no interest in participating in this auction at all.

As he looked around at the packed auction hall, Han Li couldn't help but heave an internal sigh of awe and wonder.

It was indeed true that Cloud City was inhabited by beings from all 13 Heavenly Cloud Races and even foreign beings outside of those races, but it was still quite extraordinary for so many Body Integration Stage beings to appear in a single city. After all, there were only a dozen or so Body Integration Stage beings among the human and demon races combined in Deep Heaven City, and that city had also been where the cream of the crop among the human and demon races resided.

After waiting for a while longer, the entire hall was virtually packed to the rafters.

A string of three crisp bell chimes rang out, and the gate leading to the main hall slowly swung shut amid bursts of flashing five-colored light.

When the gates were completely shut, the auction finally commenced.

At the very front of the hall was a tall stage that was over 100 feet in height, similar to the kind of stage one would find in a normal auction house.

The only thing that was different was that there was a golden humanoid puppet standing on each of the four corners of the stage. These puppets were all antiquated in design and several tens of feet tall, wielding a giant silver halberd each.

Even though they were standing in a completely motionless manner, they gave off quite a fearsome aura, and it was quite apparent that they were extremely powerful.

At the very center of the stage was a blue formation, within which was a faint red table. There were many runes carved all over the table, giving it an extremely mysterious appearance.

As soon as the gates swung shut, the blue formation lit up and began emitting a low buzzing sound.

As the runes on the spell formation flashed, a humanoid figure appeared behind the table.

That spell formation was a teleportation formation.

The humanoid figure

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