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Han Li was seated in the corner, and his expression abruptly changed as he swept his spiritual sense toward this newcomer.

This man's spiritual power was quite unfathomable, indicating that he was a Body Integration Stage being.

The man withdrew his gaze, then waved a hand toward the armored warriors before turning his attention to Han Li. "Are you the one who activated this Vast Glacial Badge?"

"I want to deny that, but it doesn't really seem possible at this point," Han Li sighed with a wry smile on his face.

"Why would you deny this? You've encountered a massive stroke of luck!" the man said with a hint of a smile on his face as he appraised Han Li through narrowed eyes.

"A massive stroke of luck? What do you..." Han Li's expression changed slightly, yet just as he was about to ask a question, the man's brows furrowed as he abruptly turned toward one of the walls of the room.

"Brother Cang Ying, seeing as you're already here, why don't you show yourself? Are you planning to hand over this Vast Glacial Badge to our Water Wraith Race? "

"Not many Vast Glacial Badges have appeared on this occasion, so every single badge is extremely valuable; would your Water Wraith Race dare to take one for yourselves? Without the Myriad Ancient Race to set up and activate the required formation, the badge will be useless to you even if you do take it," a cold voice replied.

A black shadow then flashed on the wall that the white-haired young man was staring at, following which a shadowy figure that was enshrouded under grey light appeared in a soundless manner. The figure was standing close to the wall, completely motionless, as if it were an insubstantial object.

The cold voice just then had sounded directly from within the grey light.

As opposed to becoming enraged, the white-haired man merely chuckled, "Hehe, I'm naturally aware of this. However, if this fellow Daoist wishes to join our Water Wraith Race, then it won't be an issue for us to use this Vast Glacial Badge to take some of our brethren into the Vast Glacial Realm, right?"

"That would be fine, of course, but this fellow Daoist doesn't seem to have expressed any intention of joining your race. Perhaps he'd rather become a guest member of our Yin Demon Race," the shadowy figure referred to as Cang Ying replied in a completely emotionless voice.

"Is that so? That's rather hard to say. If I recall correctly, there is an unspoken rule among our 13 races; if two races set their eyes on an outsider at the same time, the other race can only extend an invitation after said outsider has rejected the invitation from the first race. Fellow Daoist, I am Bai Yue of the Water Wraith Race, and I'm officially extending an invitation to you to become a guest member of our race. If you're willing to join our race, I can promise you that we'll help you advance a tier in your cultivation base within 100 years, and we'll also offer you a variety of other immense benefits.

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