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"That's a Giant Mountain Ape!"

This was the first time that Han Li had seen this legendary true spirit being, but he was able to immediately identify it.

After all, only this true spirit being had such strange patterns on its chest.

This devilish had to possess the bloodline of the Giant Mountain Ape. Otherwise, it would definitely be unable to manifest this projection.

Han Li appraised the purple projection in the sword formation, and a hint of yearning flashed through his eyes.

The Giant Mountain Ape was one of the true spirit beings in the 12 Awakening Transformations, so if he could secure the true spirit blood of this ape, then not only would he attain another transformation, the powers of all of his other transformations would also be enhanced significantly.

With that in mind, Han Li was even more intent on killing this holy-grade devilish beast.

However, normal attacks were completely ineffective against it.

As such, following a brief hesitation, Han Li took a deep breath before rustling a sleeve to produce a mundane-looking bracelet.

This was the spirit beast bracelet that contained his Gold Devouring Beetles!

In order to kill this devilish ape, he was planning to unleash this trump card of his.

Releasing too many Gold Devouring Beetles at once would severely exhaust his spiritual sense, but if he could end this battle in a short time, then the after-effects would still be bearable.

With Han Li's current spiritual sense, he could control 100 Gold Devouring Beetles for around 15 minutes.

However, if the number of spirit beetles released were to be doubled, the amount of time he'd be able to control them would be cut down by three quarters.

If it weren't for the fact that the Spring Dawn Sword Formation had been set up, perhaps Han Li wouldn't dare to use this trump card. However, seeing as the devilish ape had been trapped in the sword formation, thereby significantly limiting the area it could move around in, this was the perfect battlefield for the Gold Devouring Beetles to shine.

According to Han Li's estimations, with the powers of his current mature Gold Devouring Beetles, it should only take around 5 minutes for 100 of them to take care of his opponent.

His only concern was that if he were to expend too much of his spiritual sense, most of his abilities would also be severely debilitated. In that case, it would be quite dangerous for him if he were to encounter any powerful foes on his way back.

However, those thoughts only flashed through his mind for an instant before he refocused on the battle at hand. To him, the top priority was naturally to take care of the enemy before him first.

Everything else could wait until after this battle.

However, before Han Li could inject his spiritual sense into the spirit beast bracelet he'd just summoned, the devilish ape within the sword formation suddenly ceased its chanting and let loose a low roar as it expelled a b

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